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"Playing an early area of Dark Souls 3 at a recent Bandai Namco event and fighting its AI enemies is like retreading old ground. You get the typical array of Dark Souls weapon attacks to slash, smash, and blast your enemies, plus there are new Weapon Arts abilities available with every weapon. At first, using the new abilities with the traditional backstabbing and circle strafing tactics just made me think, "Yup, this is Dark Souls all right." But just as I started thinking the game was more of the same, I began thinking how the Weapon Arts system would affect the game's online player versus player battles, and it changed my outlook entirely."

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Eogahn1196d ago

I've watched the gameplay demo and it looks like a mix of Demon's Souls and Bloodborne in terms of gameplay and level design. In other words, it looks bloody amazing !

Forn1196d ago

It will be hard to pull me away from DS3 after it releases, no matter what else comes out for the rest of the year. I have a strong feeling that it will be as spectacular I could ever dream a Souls game of being. It's going to be a hard wait.

1196d ago
Chaosdreams1196d ago

I played and loved Demons Soul, despite it destroying my confidence.

I tried Dark Soul, maybe played a few hours, just didn't have the time.

I skipped Dark Souls 2.

But, I want this, oh so much. It can sit next to Bloodborne (still unopened). I KNOW, I AM INSANE.

Just no time.

NeonEnigma1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I cant wait for this game! i just finished Dark Souls on PC and now im starting scholar of the first sin! I can usually hold my own against most npcs in souls/from games but boy do i get rekt in pvp! i expect to get quad ring swapped back stabbed and then called a fattty before my corpse hits the ground in ds3 pvp.. I cant wait:)