Warhawk Tips for Beginners/Salute to Experts

Harvard Bonin @ PlayStation Blog writes:
"Its been quite a busy couple of weeks in Warhawk. We just released Warhawk on the PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits line. It's really a lot of fun for us to be included and we hope that a lot more players give the game a try. Check out this Training Video from Brady Games to help out these new players".

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Dir_en_grey3668d ago

They should release something like this on the PSN.
I bought the game when it was on sale but didn't play it much after that cuz I suck at FPS and TPS games. Air craft was very fun but I didn't even figure out I had boost until much later, let alone knowing how to dodge missiles like everybody else.
Had no idea what half of the weapons are either but now thanks to the vid I at least know their usage.

Even though I suck at the game, Warhawk is still fun to just mess around and zone out while playing. Great game.

[email protected]3668d ago

Look like a great idea to me. I mean with the GH version already on store many people are going to buy and a good tutorial could help me them out on that warzone that Warhark is.

Ace-Jury3668d ago

though i cant zone out, i need to play intense to be any good. if i want to zone out ill put a single player game on.