Remedy's Sr. Writer Praises Cast of Xbox One Exclusive 'Quantum Break'

On Twitter Remedy's senior writer Mikko Rautalahti talks about the Quantum Break cast and praises them for their commitment and enthusiasm.

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christocolus1202d ago

I think the cast is great. This game will be amazing.

Septic1202d ago

Yeah man, i mean Little Finger from Game of Thrones! Love that guy's acting.

VER1ON1202d ago

I Wonder if that guy can play a different role than Littlefinger. Dunno about Ashmore yet - can't take him seriously yet.

SaveFerris1202d ago


Aiden Gillen was the CIA Agent from The Dark Knight Rises.

Spurg1202d ago

He is mostly known for littlefinger in GOT....but the is also known to play as a mayor candidate in The Wire....I thought his role in the wire was much better....there is also another character from the wire in QB..can't remember his name right nowh but amazing cast

SniperControl1202d ago

Lance Reddick is an amazing actor, especially in Fringe.

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ScorpiusX1202d ago

Sweet look forward to playing it.

SlightlyRetarted1202d ago

I was worried that the tv-series would be somekind of b-rate shit, but then they showed the cast and all my worries went away.