Playstation Vue Launches in Dallas and Miami today, Fox Soccer Plus to come soon.

Cloud-based TV service PlayStation Vue is set to launch in Dallas (Fort Worth) and Miami (Fort Lauderdale) today. PlayStation 3 and 4 owners will be able to choose from the three available packages – Access, Core or Elite – starting at $49.99.

Fox Soccer Plus will be coming to Vue later this summer ahead of the UEFA Champions League. It will be available as a standalone channel for PS3 and PS4 owners across the US for $14.99 per month. PlayStation Plus subscribers can get it for $12.99 per month.

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SmokingMonkey1142d ago

I'm so hyped for this to come to my town and VITA ASASP!

SmokingMonkey1142d ago

Idk what the extra 'S' is for, figure it out yourself, you're good at puzzles.

itsjustexuma1142d ago

as soon as secretly possible

nevin11142d ago

How many Americans willl pay $15(Or $13) to watch soccer?

Death1142d ago

Soccer? Isn't that football? I'd pay $15 for an NFL package! ;)

nevin11142d ago

lol, NFL won't go for that. But the NBA is trying something different in which people can buy out of market games for $6.99 each. So let me ask you(or anyone) would you pay $15 for an out of market game?

SmokingMonkey1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Probably zero,

that is until The USA men's team can actually become any good.


The USA (men's "soccer" team) made it to the final four of the very first World Cup!!!

Sadly, they haven't even come close since...and it's coming up on 100 years!

Spotie1142d ago

Once our team arrives in a couple of years (here in Atlanta), I'd pay for it. Anything involving the international team is also worth it.

LatinGamer2141142d ago

When is the vue coming to Minnesota. ?

SmokingMonkey1142d ago

Yes! ASASP! idk what the extra 'S' is for.

Brianaro1142d ago

I would pay 12 to watch soccer. I can't wait

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