Steam Now Refunding Everyone Who Purchased This Scam Game

Concluding the story of this controversial game which has drawn the ire of gamers around the internet for having an impossible-to-beat level in order to mask the lack of content, Steam has taken it down for purchase as well as offer refunds to everyone who bought it.

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crazychris41241198d ago

Anyone surprised he is 13? Stay in school kids

brimby1198d ago

Wait wait wait... The dev is 13? Is this confirmed? If that's true than I'm going to have to completely turn my view of this guy around. You're supposed to be pulling pranks when you're 13. This goes above and beyond.

brimby1198d ago

I just looked at his Twitter and though he keeps retweeting some guy @GalagansIsland who keeps talking about being 13, I don't think dev is. He said something about breaking his hand at work. But I suppose he could be one hardcore kid.

JamesBroski1198d ago

"Oh, and to receive trading cards for Journey of the Light, you have to spend more than 2 hours playing it, which strangely happens to go over the limit with Steam’s new refund policy."

Now, with the Steam refund policy, every single game is like that. It's to prevent people from buying games and refunding them as soon as they get their Steam trading cards.

brimby1198d ago

Ah, thanks for the tip. I'll remove that bit.

Rachel_Alucard1198d ago

So glad buying indie shovelware no longer has to be a gamble since refunds were introduced. It's so nice seeing these butthurt indie devs crying on twitter because their game is awful and they can't ever admit it.

"Boo hoo I can't scam people with my .99 cent unity game and my Early access zombie survival minecraft clone."

grumpygamr1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Ya, Gabe rocks. I love Steam and Valve.

Spyroo1198d ago

praise Gayben, that fat neckbeard.

brigggggz1198d ago

Does the premise of this scam remind anyone else of "Zantar" from Wayne's World?

SolidGear31198d ago

Loool. Love Wayne's World. Awesome reference :3

OneAboveAll1198d ago

So is steam refunding them or is the developer?

I mean, if I made a game that was incomplete (or even complete) and people were trying to get a refund, it would be pretty hard for me, the developer to refund their money because i'd probably already had spent it all on a nice new Lambo. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.