The Danger of Metal Gear Solid V's PC Port Being Released Early

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain had its release date announced six months ago. On March 3, Konami announced that MGSV was – and as of writing, still is – to release on September 1 for the Xbox One and 360, as well as for PlayStation 3 and 4. The next day Konami UK, via Twitter – and without any explanation – declared that MGSV for PC would release two weeks after the console versions, on the date of September 15.

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ArchangelMike1199d ago

I wonder if it is more to do with the online servers, rather than bug fixing for the PC version - especially when you consider that MGO has now been delayed till October. I wonder if FOB multiplayer allows them to test the servers on a smaller scale, before releasing MGO a month later to the wider audience.

calvincrack1198d ago

Terrible article man. Go back to 8th grade. Get this flimsy conjecture out of here. There is not one substantive statement and the theories are half baked.

1198d ago
flyingwombat331198d ago

I understand the concern, but ground zeroes kicked ass on pc. I think that the pc version of tpp will probably be be the definitive version. Wish I had a powerhouse pc and a 4k monitor, but that's a little out of my budget right now.

TeamLeaptrade1198d ago

I have a feeling there wont be a lot of problems with the PC version. Not on the scale of what some other games have dealt with. But I'm sure there will be some small problems here and there, but I don't see it being too much of a problem. I hope.

Genova841198d ago

I hope so too. My 980ti sli setup is primed and ready to rock some 4k 60fps!

ShottyGibs1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Enjoy :)

I'll be on a single 980ti 1080p 144zh. Trying to get the full 144fps no doubt.

Dynasty20211198d ago

You don't need 144 FPS for the 144hz to "kick in".

I have a 120hz BenQ and as long as I get over 60 FPS, the "extra smoothness" is always there.

ShottyGibs1197d ago

Not true. The only thing you've be avoiding would be screen tearing.

1198d ago
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