Disney Infinity lets Star Wars fans catapult Ewoks

Disney may not have new online racing modes or new worlds to unveil, as Skylanders and Lego Dimensions did this week, but it did offer a first look at the Hulkbuster and Ultron figures as well as Rise Against the Empire’s Endor levels (and catapulting Ewoks, but more on that later) on the show floor.

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Gbits1199d ago

I have wanted to catapult an Ewok since the moment I first saw them.

Summons751199d ago

But I want to PLAY as an Ewok!!!

Raistlinhawke1199d ago

Unless I can get a slow-motion replay of their guts strewn on the forest floor, it doesn't count.

ColManischewitz1199d ago

I'm sure Disney will get right on that.