Sony’s New Mobile Projector For The PlayStation 4 Revealed

Sony recently revealed a companion accessory for the PlayStation 4 console at a media event. We got a chance to get our hands on their upcoming mobile projector, which ran a demo of the PlayStation 4 exclusive game, Until Dawn.

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theXtReMe11227d ago

I agree about the resolution, doesnt make sense as decent 2000 lumen 1080p projectors can be had for $300-$400. So, unless this releases at $100 - $150... there are better options at full HD.

Its a cool idea, but not well thought out by the suits at Sony. You want your system and games to look their best, cutting resolution isnt a way to do that. Though, if they had built the Playstation TV into it, it would make perfect sense... Then you could take it anywhere with you and stream your PS4 games at up to 120". Im hoping that is the case, hense the resolution.

kneon1227d ago

But those don't fit in your pocket, this is targeting a different market segment.

FarEastOrient1227d ago

This is more for my traveling PC for work.

JonnyBigBoss1227d ago

"This is more for pron on the go."


x_RadicalAura_x1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I can assure you it won't be that cheap. It'll most likely be ~$350 because you're paying a premium for two things: 1.) Portability and 2.) Laser (instead of lamp/bulb)

See here:

vongruetz1226d ago

And from the Wired article, it has nothing to do with the PS4

joab7771227d ago

Kinda odd how they usually make high quality TV's and mobiles and charge a ton.

IamTylerDurden11226d ago

It's a MICRO PROJECTOR, basically a 900p micro projector. How many 900p laser micro projectors the size of a cell phone do u know that cost $100?

How many 1080p laser micro projectors that small that cost $300?

U do realize it's NOT 720p right? It's much higher more like 900p. It can stream via wifi so theoretically u might be able to stream PS4 and it might have PS Now/tv capabilities built in.

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WeAreLegion1227d ago

I highly recommend getting a projector. My Optima projector is amazing. They're super cheap for what you get.

BellePelouse1227d ago

Totally agree, my benQ is amazing too

PeaSFor1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

i really like my new benq ht1085st, got it for 999$CAD(761.48$USD) which is an awesome deal.

on a 130" screen made with high contrast gray screen material, got it from VisionHD(on ebay if you are interested.)

UltraNova1227d ago


How does this bad boy hold up during daylight(not direct sunlight of course but a brightly lit room during the day)?

PeaSFor1226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

@UltraNova, VERY good, but i must say that my projection surface help a lot

ShellB1227d ago

Which one do you have bro?

BellePelouse1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

mw519, i know its 720p but when you get a 100inch screen for 500$ you dont mind at all

WeAreLegion1227d ago

HD141X It's only $575 on Amazon.

1080p and better 3D than on any television.

If you need more details, message me.

crs3531227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I have an LG LED for 2 years now I love it. Would never go back to a tv. Only down side is mines only 720p at 101 Inches. Wish I had a 1080p. only payed 450$ for it at the time.

UKmilitia1227d ago

yeah i love my optoma projector,gaming and films is awesome and i cant go back to the 47"

DarkKaine1227d ago

my room is too small for a projector :(

reallyNow1226d ago

no it isnt! short throw is your answer!

Bennibop1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I use a Optoma projector also, mainly use it to watch films in the Garden on summer nights or playing some GTA V.

If the price is right for this (it already looks the part) this is a worthwhile projector.

reallyNow1226d ago

yeah but this isnt a nice Viewsonic we're talking about. This is a tiny lamp that puts out hardly any light. I like the idea, I wish it was 1) for the vita and 2) brighter

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mokkeyrg21227d ago

o no 720p lol , good idea tho

mkis0071227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

Look at it again:
1920 X 720= not 720p VS 1280 X 720 =720p

Don't worry I missed it too the first time.

deafdani1226d ago

Which will come in handy for movies with a very long aspect ratio. However, for games, it will still only max out at 1280x720p. Making this projector effectively 720p for gaming.

BellePelouse1227d ago

Has anyone seen somewhere that it is made for the ps4, i didnt see any Playstation logo and I dont get the point to do that if not to make it work with at least their phones too