PlayStation 4 Update 3.0: What We Need

With the new interface of the PS4, Sony has made a lot of improvements and innovations, but there are still things that could use improving.

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Jackhass1203d ago

It's petty, but I want a thing that tracks my game stats -- how long I've played games, how many times and so on. Nintendo consoles all have this feature, and I'm kind of addicted to it.

KwietStorm1203d ago

What's petty about that? It would be awesome to track other players with similar stats and see how many times I've done X action, while not playing the game.

UltraNova1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

It would be a nice feature to have to be honest, albeit impossible to implement because not all devs would agree to put down the time to make this feature for us. Its not up to Sony, although they can certainly push for it.

EDIT: As for Nintendo having this feature, lets not forget Nintendo has absolute control over their systems with virtually no 3rd party support to try and persuade to begin with.

Conzul1202d ago

I would like a feature that lets your friends reach into your capture folder to view your recorded clips and screenshots, streaming-style. No upload needed.

I would like a form of option streaming, that is - if no one's watching, then no stream is uploaded. But, say one of your friends sees you're "option streaming", they can plug in and watch you at a moment's notice, without even joining your party and shareplay viewing (but uses same tech). I would also like groups of friends to be able to access this broadcast without having to use 3rd party services like twitch/ustream/etc, all of which may have ToS that discriminate against the very content that can be streamed thereover.

I'd like ooVoo to show the hell up already. I'm tired of having to use other screens for video chat whilst playing.

I'd like advertising to show up under the Playstation Store tab instead of clogging up the What's New so I'd actually use that tab to see what's up.

I could go on, but I won't.

Shazz1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

The xb1 kinda has that with game hubs. I would love s trophy leaderboard on ps4 to compete with friends on a weekly basis how got most.

Friends notifications is all I really need for ps4 I can't believe it doesn't have it after nearly 2 years .

Atomicjuicer1203d ago

Anyone else getting unescapable popup ads on iPhone from N4G?

Relientk771203d ago

Bluetooth headset support

The_KELRaTH1203d ago


it would also be much more useful when in game that rather than just saying theres a message it puts up the message instead.

deadpoolio3161203d ago

What so then people could complain that they lost a match or died in a game because the system put a message on screen...

BTW when the notification pops up, yeah um if you hit the home button it goes directly to the message

EstSince88Gamerdude1203d ago

The ps3 had that sort of,it just showed the subject. Which was handy for short quick messages. Ps4 could do the same at least. But I love my ps4 and it is only minor things that need a tweak.

umair_s511203d ago

Bluetooth peripheral support such as headsets, mouse and keep etc.

kparks1203d ago

Bluetooth support and fix the damn not enough memory alert when watching videos on the internet wtf thats been Fd since launch!

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TheGreatGamer1203d ago

Folders, something I've wanted since launch is folders

pivotplease1203d ago

Or just overhaul the whole OS. In terms of ease of use and organization PS4 and X1 are some of the worst systems I've used. I'm sure things could be modified to work better but it feels like a less efficient XMB clone for me. That and were still pretty lacking in the features department. They should just look at PS3 and what it has over the PS4 and start there.

PeaSFor1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

custom folders, ps2 and ps1 emulation(ps3 may be too complicated since it wasnt on x86 and the "cell" is not something you can easily emulate)and be able to change the background would be nice too.

Rookie_Monster1203d ago

CUSTOM theme. Man, I missed those from my PS3 consoles.

ColManischewitz1203d ago

A PSN that goes a week without crapping out.

GNCFLYER1203d ago

Does this really happen to anyone?

I have seen it out once in 4 years personally.

deadpoolio3161203d ago

Well IF you actually owned a PS4 you would actually know that it doesn't go down weekly....Since I actually own one I can still count the number of times its gone down on one hand....

Maybe tell your mom to get rid of the garbage internet and upgrade to something faster and more reliable

wellard1203d ago

Why are you being offensive? Its widely known that there's groups of people who have issues and other groups who do not.

Your approach of attacking people suffering from problems will not help resolve the issue.

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