Final Resident Evil Movie Coming In 2017

The 6th, and final, Resident Evil movie will hit screens in early 2017.

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Godmars2901200d ago

Isn't that what they said 2-3 movies ago?

Jakface1200d ago

Haha, yes it is. This time however, I believe them a little more, perhaps just because this is the 6th movie and 6 is a 'good' number.

Eogahn1199d ago

The first movie was watchable back then, but after that it went downhill even deeper with every episode. The 6th is going to be 6 times worse than the first one. Maybe they finally realized it was time to stop the massacre, or they simply ran out of ideas to milk the franchise even more.


cfc781200d ago

The final nail in the Resident Evil movie coffin.

Jakface1199d ago

Indeed, as with a lot of films, the fact it sells so well overules the fact that the movies are no longer actually any good.

chrisx1199d ago

I can't wait for this travesty to end. Only resident evil 1 movie was good

Jakface1199d ago

That's very much the problem, look at Pirates of the Caribbean, one good film gives you a license to publish whatever crap you like.

Jag-T10001199d ago

You guys are some hard critics. You expect too much. If you can do better, create the movie yourself!

Revengeance1199d ago

So because we're not movie creators we can't critique it?

That's like saying we can't critique Uwe Boll movies even though they're universally panned.

skydragoonityx1199d ago

I think its the movies that affected the games.. Both are currently sh*t

Jag-T10001199d ago

I love the resident evil movies. I have all of them on bluray. Loved Jill valentine in Apocalypse and Ada Wong was gorgeous in retribution. I'm excited for the final chapter!

Jag-T10001199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )


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