NVIDIA Brings New World of Gaming to Notebook PCs

NVIDIA Corporation has unveiled a new era of notebook PC gaming, featuring advanced rendering and physics effects that will transform gaming beyond what consumers know today. Enabling this evolution is a new generation of notebook PCs equipped with NVIDIA's newest GeForce(R) 9800M and 9700M GPUs and featuring NVIDIA's PhysX(TM) physics engine. Perhaps the most significant advancements in PC gaming since DirectX 9, the new GPUs and PhysX will let notebook gamers enjoy the latest games in all their glory, experiencing ultra-realistic graphics and physical effects that mimic the real world, transforming their gaming into a truly cinematic experience.

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JsonHenry3637d ago

However, you need a battery the size of a dump truck to play unplugged for more than 15 minutes!

slinkey1233637d ago

lol i bet this new physx would work on the old 8800mGTX. just like it works on the desktop 8800gtx. just by doing a simple driver modification :)