The Fallout Sequel I Want

Allan Muir of ToasterChimp talks about the real Fallout sequel he hopes for.

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Ashlen1226d ago

I prefered the faction system of New Vegas as well, and New Vegas still has the best mods, even better than Skyrim.

New Vegas ended up having a lot higher replay value for me as well because the main story was really just a small part of the narrative in the game. Where as Fallout 3 the story was the game there were side quests but they really didn't matter or affect the world.

scark921226d ago

The factions is what I loved most about FNV! NCR ALL DAY!

Blacklash931226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Fallout 4 is going to be more like Fallout 3. Bethesda cares most about player freedom, dungeon-crawling, exploration, sandbox features, and such. We'll likely see those priorities reflected again in their new installment to the series.

New Vegas was made by Obsidian and they care most about story, characters, and choices - that's why New Vegas had a deeper story and a lot more factions and paths than Fallout 3. But Obsidian isn't working on Fallout 4, so don't expect it to be New Vegas 2.

dreamoner1226d ago

Here's hoping for FO4 spin-off/New Vegas 2/west coast fallout from Obsidian coming in 2017-18

I prolly hoped for this already on this site, many times : p

SolidGear31226d ago

Actually I enjoyed the story in Fallout 3 alot more than New Vegas but I enjoyed the factions, weapon mods and companion system better in New Vegas. I know Obsidian wanted to do another Fallout.. Maybe it'll happen?

TwistedMetal1226d ago

its expected companions and those types of things would be a little bit better because it was made after fallout 3. I liked fallout 3 much more though as the vegas strip and such made the game less fallouty to me. really took me out of the immersion. Also fallout 3 story was epic and had liam neeson which was cool.

SlightlyRetarted1226d ago

I hope there will be an Obsidian FO after FO4, in same way as there was FO3/New Vegas. Just give them little bit more time, than with NV. All assets ready, just work on story, world and quests for few years.