Boom Blox 2 being considered

EA discussed official sales numbers of Steven Spielberg's Boom Blox, although the company did not specify whether the numbers are worldwide or just in the Americas. Since its launch date, Boom Blox has managed to sell through 450,000 units - a respectable sales figure for a new IP. Additionally, EA has commented on a Boom Blox sequel, noting, "It's premature to talk because we have a key partner on this. Certainly, it's a franchise we'd like to see more from."

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Smacktard3709d ago

Awesome. It's certainly a franchise I'd like to see more of.

Voiceofreason3709d ago

This was a very fun game. Needed a more mature art style though.

Smacktard3709d ago

That's stupid. It would ruin the game. Not everything has to be so "mature." Stop being so immature.