Lionhead: 'We Haven't Done The Best Job' Explaining Fable Legends

Have you had a hard time grasping exactly what kind of game Fable Legends actually is? You're not alone. In fact, in our candid conversation with the game's director, David Eckelberry, he admitted that Fable Legends hasn't been easy to convey to others.

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TheGreatGamer1224d ago

They definitely haven't. Having played the beta now multiple times, there is solo play, quests, and story but the way they've presented it makes it look like it's limited to that 4v1 (heroes vs villain) mode but it isn't.

Rimeskeem1224d ago

I had no idea it was a F2P title until 6 months after knowing about it.

Mr Pumblechook1224d ago

The problem comes from the game shown at the reveal being different from what the final product will be.

The initial reveal seemed to suggest a sequel to Fable 3. A single player game that could be played with friends. It then had the PvP emphasised, Then the late reveal (over one year after launch) that it would be a Free-to-play game with microtransations and payments necessary to keep playing the character class you want!

Personally I'd prefer a full Fable 4 single player game made especially for Xbox One!

tinynuggins1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

They did a good job letting us know that it wasn't a single player experience (fable 4). I though it was strictly 4 vs 1. I'm glad to hear there are some single player experiences in the game. That's news to me.

christocolus1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )


Those in the beta say it's fun and what i've seen so far is pretty good.I'm definitely going to try it out.

candystop1224d ago

Yeah the beta is fun for me as a hero but I suck as the villain. I've played quite a few guys that have mastered being a villain and really make it fun to play.

Volkama1223d ago

Thanks for confirming.

Microsoft's preview of the new Xbox Dash had a little snippet of Cortana, and the question was something along the lines of "what quest shall I do now?", the answer was "The next quest in the main story ark is xyz". Up until that point I thought the whole game was pocketed 4vs1.

I still don't have high hopes for a full-on Fable experience, but it's good to know it isn't all asymmetric PvP.

BigGamersSmallTalk1224d ago

They've done a really poor job at explaining it. Probably because they've focused too much on the 4v1 multiplayer.
You can play offline and solo-
The game is an RPG with story and quests-
You have 3 companions, either AI or friends-
The multiplayer is optional-

DougLord1223d ago

Have you played it? I know you can play vs AI but I was unaware there was a real story.

BigGamersSmallTalk1223d ago

I'm not allowed to talk about it, but there's a FAQ on the Lionhead site.

slane31224d ago

Because Lionhead doesn't know what Fable Legends is........LOL

twiztid1224d ago

Ive played the Beta afew times IMO its not that fun I know its a beta but its Nothing like a Fable game I think they Wasted time making this instead of a True Fable game we all want

dkp231224d ago

I can't even get into a game. Matchmaking is horrid.

dkp231224d ago

I think they are confused themselves.

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