RUMOR: Blizzard Job Posting Stirs Diablo Rumors

A recent job posting has the internet speculating over the possibility of a new entry in the Diablo franchise.

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Relientk771082d ago

I am hoping for Diablo 4

Jaedia1082d ago

Could be cool. That, or they're hiring for another expansion.

Perjoss1081d ago

Agreed, its much more likely to be a D3 expansion or a whole new game set in the Diablo universe, but not Diablo 4, not yet, I think we are due a Warcraft 4 way before we get a Diablo sequel.

rashada071081d ago

Honestly I would be perfectly fine with an expansion! Definitely get it sooner- Diablo 4 would be great but would be years off..

bradfh1081d ago

they should make diablo mmo or starcraft

3-4-51081d ago

Blizzard, you need to get Warcraft 4 going before Diablo 4.....

Jaedia1081d ago

Not convinced we'll get a Warcraft 4 but.. never know. I'll prepare my hat just in case.

Debaitable1081d ago

I'm hoping with the dwindling numbers of WOW, they'd flip it around and gives us WC4 while making SC some kind space mmorpg.

ZaWarudo1081d ago

I doubt Diablo 4. lol that won't be happening for at least 10 years.

Another expansion for Diablo 3 would be nice.

1081d ago
mgszelda11081d ago

Give us an expansion with a new class.

Snookies121081d ago

Diablo 4 or a new expansion... I would be very happy with either. I just want an excuse to get back into some Diablo.

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The story is too old to be commented.