5 Things We Learned about Quantum Break at Gamescom 2015

Gamescom revealed quite a few tidbits about the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break.

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TheGreatGamer1227d ago

Honestly one of my most anticipated games coming next year if not my most anticipated. Also, the tv tie-in seems really interesting. Day one purchase for me

GigawattConduit1227d ago

Have they said anything about the TV show as far as how they'll release it? Is it gonna be on Xbox video or a web channel?

TheGreatGamer1227d ago

It's on the game disc. You unlock parts of the tv show as you complete acts in the game. Very seamless

GigawattConduit1227d ago

Hmm, not entirely sure I like that...

n4rc1227d ago

the show is the bad guys perspective while you play from the good guys perspective..

your actions determine what part of the show you see..

think of it as cut scenes on steroids rather then a tv show lol

Orejillz1227d ago

I bought an Xbox One because I wanted this game so I share your sentiment.

Rookie_Monster1227d ago

quantum Break just blew my mind with the art style, graphics, and gameplay. It really looks way way better than it's first revealing. Add another one to my XB1 shopping list in 2016.

TheGreatGamer1227d ago

Hate to keep adding games to my damn shopping list! Gonna have to save up I think to get all these great XB1 games coming next year

ShellB1227d ago

From the gameplay they showed at gamescom I think the AI needs more work. They kept shooting at you without them flanking you. Reminded me of Inversion + Quantum Theory.