HBHUD's Review of Victor Vran

"Victor Vran is not a bad game, it just doesn’t really have any bite, which is somewhat funny when you consider that it has a pretty strong focus on vampires. Made by Haemimont games, long time developers of the Tropico series, Victor Vran aims to take the traditional Diablo style ARPG formula and jazz it up a bit, making it more dynamic and streamlined. While they most certainly accomplish that, it comes at the cost of some of the finer edges of addictive min-maxing goodness that we normally associate with the genre. Without that greater compulsive itch to drive players forward, it becomes clear how toothless the rest of the game really is, especially when it concerns the ‘Castlevania lite‘ story and setting. But while there are most certainly issues in this game that should be discussed (and we most definitely will be doing that), underneath it all lies pretty decent ARPG that’s especially welcoming to genre newcomers while at the same time providing enough new ideas to entice mor...

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