StarTropics, How I love Thee!

Todd Pasalic of Gaming Rebellion Writes: What is your favorite NES game of all time?

Many of you would choose Super Mario 3, and I wouldn’t blame you – it’s a great game with solid platforming and awesome music. Some of you would choose The Legend of Zelda, because it has really fun dungeons to conquer. Me? I chose something different.

Don’t get me wrong, both those games are excellent, and I had lots of fun playing with them (and still do, to this day). However, there is one game I love even more than those two. Even though this game wasn’t as popular as a Mario or a Zelda title, it was still loved by many.

That game… is StarTropics!

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gangsta_red1202d ago

Another NES IP that needs to make a triumphant return.

tweet751202d ago

Oh how i would love to see a modern sequel. If you like zelda games you will like startropics. I think if nintendo pushed to new gen gamers it could be a hit.

TeamLeaptrade1202d ago

I have it, but never full on beat it. I'm going to have to re-visit it one of these days, because I have fond memories of playing this game briefly many years ago.

TheROsingleB1202d ago

Fantastic game, great music, fun story and weapons. Dipping that page in the manual in water to REVEAL A HIDDEN FRIGGN' CODE NECESSARY TO PROCEED! Yep, this game is awesome. It is a shame that the series has been forgotten as far as Nintendo is really concerned.