What Can Beer Teach Us About Quality Video Games?

Is there any product you’d buy at full price if you knew it was missing components, was likely to break, or flagrantly failed to live up to its advertising claims? For example, would you buy a case of beer with two bottles missing if you were promised they’d be delivered to your door at a loosely specified date in the future? Or, would you buy a car that missing turn signals as long as the dealer promised to install them within 90 days? What about paying full-price for half of an e-book upfront, with more chapters released … sometime?

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ABranstiter1198d ago

We now live in a Post-Molyneux-Micro-transactio n world, baby!

PghMomGamer1197d ago

This article is spot on! Why pay full retail price for something to only get a chunk of the actual product? I wouldn't pay full price for a bottle of shampoo if I knew I'd only get a little squirt in the palm of my hand! The problem also is with the waiting. What if I fly through the content in a few hours? Then I'm left waiting for more to come out!? It's bad enough waiting for the next George R.R. Martin book! Now we have to wait for more content when we've already paid full price? Not cool.

iplay1up21197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Don't forget you too, as well as my self, hell we all were once just a "little squirt( thankfully not into someone's hand)" and look at us now. :)

As far as broken games and pretty much required DLC....KMA!!!!

Kenrayf1197d ago

Yep, this makes perfect sense!

MasterCornholio1197d ago

Beer improves the quality of games.


Death1197d ago

Q: What Can Beer Teach Us About Quality Video Games?

A: Resolution really doesn't matter.

Immorals1197d ago

Multi monitor support is on consoles, too :p

Death1197d ago

lol, I've been there.

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