Crackdown 3 Hands On Preview The Xbox One Killer App - Metro

There have been a lot of great-looking video games released in the last two years or so, but for the most part the new generation of consoles has done little to drop jaws from their normal position. But that all changed when Metro got a go on Xbox One exclusive Crackdown 3. The game doesn’t necessarily look particularly impressive in static screenshots, but when you see its destruction effects in motion it feels like the sort of revolution that has been a long time coming.

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ArchangelMike1198d ago

"The Xbox one Killer app."

Wow I haven't heard that phrase since lat gen, are we really starting this up again?

The game look really good, and the destructin system genuinely exciting, but lets leave off the hyperbole about "killer apps" this gen shall we.

DougLord1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

No. This is the Xones Halo. This is Mario 64. This will move systems. 90% of the posters on N4G said this wasn't possible. They ridiculed it as "Secret Sauce".

And best yet this is just one game to use this technology. This will be used in more ways in the future.

Welcome all the naysayers into the Xone fold

Imagine if they make a superhero brawler with this engine

4Sh0w1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Im not for the over dramatic headlines but the game is really pushing the idea of cloud gaming which I think is great, especially for the future.

I also like Microsofts attitude....they aren't making these over the top "power of 'teh cloud" PR statements whilst twillitin their thumbs, NO..they are just demoing the game and talking *specifics about the tech (I suspect secretly they are laughing inside about all the 'meh cloud talk but thats nust being human).

I never go to a ps thread with comments about a ps dev hyping too much or go on ps news like when ps now, shareplay, morpheus or whatever gets a bit over-hyped imo....sure it can be overblown but generally I think excitement is good -so Why do people ONLY get mad when X1 stuff is being hyped?

KionicWarlord2221198d ago

Killer app is just a light way of putting it.

Everything Microsoftand ReAgent games showed in crackdown 3 is light years ahead of anything released across any system.

Your not gonna be able to get this experience on any console but xbox one.

Its a big deal.

Sonyslave31198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Man i hope they make a DBZ game with their engine 0__0

gangsta_red1198d ago

Imagine this for a Superman game!!! I want to finally have battles like from Superman II and Man of Steel movies!

mokkeyrg21198d ago

or a hulk game my gard!

gangsta_red1198d ago

We're thinking to small! Avengers! Justice League! An all out multiplayer super hero frag fest of flying around, shooting and punching each other through every building.

MeliMel1198d ago

This when I wish they would reboot Mech Assault. It would be awesome on this engine.

maybelovehate1198d ago

Yeah, that 17 minute demo on IGN had my jaw on the floor. That is just crazy.

KionicWarlord2221198d ago

Yup. The part were he said you can even pickup destroyed stuff and use it as a weapon.

That makes me think that its possible to go to a wall and carve a sword or a hammer by shooting the debris with a gun.

Hype is real.

Rookie_Monster1198d ago

"Games have been making that sort of claim, or something similar, for years but the level of detail and realism in Crackdown 3 is truly staggering. Not even a video does it real justice, but when you witness the outer shell of a building slowly being blown away, to reveal girders and gas pipes (the latter of which promptly explode) it’s a magical sight"

Hyped to a 1000%!!!

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