How to unlock all Soul Calibur 4 bonus characters

How do you unlock all Soul Calibur 4 bonus characters? That question will be answered in this guide that shows you who to unlock to get the full roster and how. From Algol to The Apprentice.

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NoxiousD3668d ago

Thank you for this article, The apprentince is so hard to beat with Vader, LOL he has these crazy combos, i bet its so much easier with Yoda's small french fried ass

vhero3668d ago

I got them all within 1 hour easiest unlocks EVER! The items are near impossible without a guide though as you have to do certain actions to get them but the game does not tell you what exactly.

tatotiburon3668d ago

The story mode is so easy in normal even in hard, i unlocked both achievements normal and hard mode, just trow your opponent, forward and press L and again forward and L, easy as hell...the treasures maybe is the hardest achievements of the game...somebody can tell me what trow attacks have the apprentice?, i can't unlock that treasure yet, in the third mission make 3 trow attacks