Final Fantasy XV is given a trailer that conveys neither emotion nor gameplay

Final Fantasy XV doesn’t convey much in its “Dawn” trailer.

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Kamikaze1351226d ago

That trailer just seemed like something they put out for the sake of putting up a trailer.

ArchangelMike1226d ago

Agreed. They could have done much better. If they didn;t have anything to show, it would have been better to show new gameplay systems, or a new enemy or summon. That trailer was just dull allround.

I have to say though, I haven't bought a Final Fantasy game since FFXII, so I'm really excited for this one.

1225d ago
Adrian_v011225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Fans were worried the story changed too much with Tabata leading it. I think that's why this trailer was put up, as it contrasts the Duscae demo which had a kinda bright mood. They probably wanted to show that the game stayed true to the original dark theme.

Epicor1224d ago

I disagree.. Personally I thought that this trailer is extremely emotional. Maybe it's just my father hormones running (have a 7 months old son).

Eamon1225d ago

Rather than emotion or gameplay, I guess it displayed the Luminous Engine. It showed Regis' cheekbones twitching and whatnot. Pretty detailed subtle facial movements.

Also, the cutscenes shown in the trailer felt very somber, something that's been lacking from all the FF15 trailer since the renaming.

Greyfoxdbz1225d ago

I really look to cheekbones as a testament to how far technology has come and i must say the level of cheekbones is quite spectacular.

Elda1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

I was very dissapointed,I wanted to see action action & more action,more characters especially female.Spells,new enemies & another summon would have been nice.All it was was somber.

SouljAx3601225d ago

The girl who was beaten, raped, and murdered at the beginning of the video looks a little too young to be Noctis's mother. They said fate would fall to the Father and son of Lucis while this girl was getting murdered some I'm assuming that's Lucis.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1225d ago

What the hell?. How did you come up with all that from what you saw in the trailer?. All that happened was that Luna was pushed to the floor by someone who may or may not be her father.

jambola1225d ago

I don't know where people are getting the impression she was raped.

I think kidnapping is more likely

TheColbertinator1225d ago

This is quickly becoming a game that was different from the one I envisioned

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