Why It’s Ok to Say Goodbye to Your Favorite Destiny Legendaries

Current Legendaries in Destiny will not be getting further damage upgrades in The Taken King. That is most definitely a good thing.

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ps4joel1222d ago

i said goodbye a week ago by selling the game. :P

cleft51222d ago

What Bungie is doing is low and its not okay. I am hooked on Destiny so I will buy the dlc, like I brought all the other dlc. Bungie has me and many like me in there pocket for Destiny. However, my opinion of Bungie is low as it can be at this point but I am all in. With that said, I have no interest in buying any Bungie products anymore.

pumpactionpimp1222d ago

A friend rage quit and gave me the game for free... I'm still waiting for enough dlc to be worth $20, let alone the $80 they're going to want for all 3 of these dlc's. But I'm happy to wait, as I've invested nothing but time in to the game.

lsujester1222d ago

Hey, the first step in breaking an addiction is admitting that you have one. :)

Crazay1221d ago

WHat took you so long? I shipped mine off months ago.

pompombrum1222d ago

Players will be crying out for their fatebringers etc and Bungie will probably deliver.. just in time to try and sell us on year 2 dlc no doubt.

AstroCyborg1222d ago

great bungie screwing over consumers again how far the godly have fallen

The7Reaper1222d ago

I say goodbye to the whole game I've lost all hope for it Bungie is screws over people too much

The7Reaper1222d ago

"Bungie is screws over" lol I should have proofread a little bit before I hit enter that hardly makes any sense.

Christopher1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

The problem is they set a precedent for gun upgrades. Not allowing them for this one expansion, obviously to promote it over old content, just sends the wrong message to gamers.

When your 'accomplishments' are your gear, wiping that away with an expansion is pretty much just telling gamers to start over and do the same stuff again for gear that might not even be as loved or desired as the old gear.

This is why their original plan of having weapons with extremely long term upgrade potential was better. Then some idiot manager got into things and said, hey, why don't we just do a lotto system with a ton of weapons that no one likes and like 0.1% of weapons they do, and make them really easy to level up?

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The story is too old to be commented.