This New PlayStation Trend is Too Dumb for Words

Photo Mode is nice, but isn't it a little redundant?

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nucky641143d ago

apparently " uot; only does nonfactual, flamebait, clickbait articles that serve no purpose whatsoever.
oh, and this site also seems to have a big hatred for sony or the ps4.

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SniperControl1141d ago

It's articles like these that get approved the quickest as well, fanboys jump on stuff like this.

RpgSama1141d ago

Photo mode is a great optional feature that will get even more use when we will eventually get the option for custom themes on the ps4, people will get really creative then.

Sureshot1141d ago (Edited 1141d ago )

Custom themes still aren't available? Wow I did not know that :S

nucky641141d ago

agreed - I'm not thrilled with photo mode right now - but custom themes would change that immediately!

Dynasty20211141d ago

Or he speaks the inconvenient truth.

The only game on PS4 in almost 2 years that has held my attention was Destiny.

isa_scout1141d ago

Your playing the wrong games then dude. Bloodborne and Rocket League have been released, you know that right?

Sureshot1141d ago


What you just said, unfathomable.

Teflon021141d ago

really? That was one of the games I've avoided because it sucked...

miyamoto1141d ago

Sometimes we get lost in time just enjoying the art of creating a great photo shoot on iNfamous SS.
No one can prohibit any gamer from enjoying great graphics on any console.

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Thatguy-3101143d ago

how can someone write a whole article about a small feature they don't like?? Dude the option is there if you don't like it DON'T USE IT...I know don't thank me, but the power of options is unearthly -_-'

Septic1141d ago

Yeah pretty silly really. Don't use it simple as. Its a harmless feature.

I love some of the stuff people have created using it.

scark921143d ago

I think it is a nice feature!

SaveFerris1143d ago

'Too dumb for words' yet the author chose to write about it?!

isa_scout1141d ago

Talk about ironic. I feel like he should get in contact with Alanis Morisette, she could explain the term to the author.

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The story is too old to be commented.