Ori and the Blind Forest is getting an expansion

Moon Studios has announced that Ori and the Blind Forest will get an expansion later this year.

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TheGreatGamer865d ago

Best indie game of this generation so far imho and glad they're doing an expansion, I'll definitely be picking it up later this year

ninsigma865d ago

One of the best games this generation full stop. Indie doesn't matter with this one. It's just incredible and beats most big games.

TheGreatGamer865d ago

I totally agree, and at £15.99 it was an unmissable game, one of the best of the year for sure!

maybelovehate865d ago (Edited 865d ago )

It isn't an indie haha. But yes, brilliant game, one of the best!

@TheGreatGamer: Published by means it is not Indie. Indie games are made and published independently. Ori is not only published by MS but was made with their help. If you watch the credits of Ori you will see it was made by hundreds of people.

Even their own site states: in 2011, Moon Studios started development on their second title in cooperation with Microsoft Games Studios.

TheGreatGamer865d ago

A very quick google search reveals it is indeed an indie game. It was published by Microsoft that's all

tinynuggins865d ago

Case in point. Do a little more research beyond a very quick Google search.

ZwVw865d ago

Microsoft owns Ori. It's one of their new 1st party IPs. Major Nelson is the one who even broke the news about the game getting a Definitive Edition today.

Speaking of editions, what the heck happened to the 360 version? Moon and MS both said that it was targeted for a Summer 2015 release. Will they just forgoe the original and release the DE as default?

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maybelovehate865d ago

Agreed. In my top 10 of all time, it is so amazing.

lemoncake865d ago

Amazing game, day one for sure.

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The story is too old to be commented.