The New King's Quest Isn't Like The Old King's Quest

When is a King’s Quest game not a King’s Quest game? When it’s the one that was released in 2015, that’s when!

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kalkano1143d ago

"Finally, we get to the manner the game is being released. I fully understand that episodic adventure games is all the rage these days. Telltale Games popularized the practice and every adventure game that’s come out since The Walking Dead: Season 1 seems to be doing it. But for King’s Quest? It feels rather out of place… but this is also a good thing. I know purists and fans may have a hard time accepting the episodic nature but I do think this is the way to go."

I love King's Quest, but will only buy this if there is a complete collection at some point, that also has a physical release or, at least, is DRM-free.