Ranking the Batman: Arkham games

Martin from GamersFTW writes: The Arkham games have undoubtedly cemented themselves as the greatest superhero games of all time. Each and every entry showed us what it truly meant to be the Batman, not only with his cool gadgets and astounding combat abilities, but also showcasing why he is known simply as “The World’s Greatest Detective". With that being said, it’s high time we ranked these fantastic games.

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GamerGabs959d ago

Interesting how the first in a series is often the best. There's something about the attention to detail and love that goes into the first game that can't quite be replecated a second time.

camel_toad958d ago (Edited 958d ago )

Very true. Arkham Asylum really stuck with me. Felt more Metroidish than City and Knight although I loved em all. Im a sucker for anything Metroidish though as far as backtracking to previously inaccessible areas.

Massacred958d ago

1. Arkham Asylum (Razor Sharp Design)
2. Arkham City (About as perfect as a sequel as I've Ever seen, expanding on all the elements of the first)

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City work Perfectly together as a duo, the other games feel extraneous or as if they couldn't come up with a story justifying the game.

3. Arkham Knight --- eh fairly underwhelming and poor design decision galore.
4. Arkham: Orgins --- I don't even consider it cannon.

Yukes959d ago

Was ready to cry foul at Arkham City's placing but you're absolutely right about the over-eager treatment of some iconic villains, as if Rocksteady was suddenly given the green light to throw them in but didn't know what to do with them.

MrsNesbitt959d ago

Blackgate was very frustrating to play! Agree with you no1 spot! Great article :)

Maple22959d ago

I always find it difficult to rank games like this... great job though. I think Arkham Asylum will always be the favourite.

Aloy-Boyfriend958d ago


There you have it!

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