Canceled Rare game details emerge thanks to Rare Replay achievement hunters

One of Ars favorite things about the newly released Rare Replay video game anthology was that it included some really cool archival footage and interviews about classic Rare games like Blast Corps and Battletoads, along with a meaty chunk of canceled game concepts. Unfortunately, one of Ars least favorite things about the anthology was how heavily it locked up all of that footage behind some very, very tough achievements—particularly the canceled-game footage.

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christocolus1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

I've seen some other videos and some of these projects looked promising. I hope Rare uses some of these ideas in their upcoming games. Would love to see the studio take on the horror and hack&slash genre.

Sciurus_vulgaris1139d ago

I really liked the ideas presented in the concepts for Sundown.

christocolus1139d ago

Same here. I hope they work on something similar in the future.

pelenow1139d ago

It's to bad more people did not give Kameo a shot a sequel built from the ground up on 360 would have been awesome.

Software_Lover1139d ago

Thank you Rare for updating the shooting controls to Jetforce Gemini today. It's not perfect, but you made the game less frustrating to play for myself.

You are appreciated

TeamLeaptrade1139d ago

I wish to have seen some of the games they were making. And playing them. Anyways, I am happy to see Rare getting back in the groove of things.