Better Late Than DEAD - Early Access Preview | GameSpew

Emily at GameSpew writes: "In a world where survival games are blurring together, Better Late Than DEAD decides to try its hand at carving its own path. There are good things and there are bad things, but I’ve kept my mind open to the fact it’s still early days for this game.

I hadn’t even heard of this game before coming to review it. The main brunt of information I had about it was its game trailer and sometimes that’s the way I like it; with no expectations you can’t be too disappointed – or so I thought. The trailer starts with a sweep of the surrounding island in all of its desolate glory; from broken houses to azure water, we understand quickly that this island wasn’t always abandoned but the question here is: where did everyone go? As soon as the game begins, however, we figure that out when facing all of the fly-ridden body bags scattering the island. Delicious."

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