Take Two Can't Comment on GTA Coming to Wii, but Has Other Wii Plans

Just a few days ago, Reggie Fils-Aime commented on Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto franchise, saying that he'd like to see an iteration of it on Wii. Sadly, in the same breath, Reggie confirmed that Nintendo is currently not in discussions with Rockstar or publisher Two Two to bring the series to Wii. Strangely enough, though, during a recent interview with GameDaily, Take Two's Ben Feder could not comment on the topic of GTA on Wii.

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Smacktard3707d ago

I've always thought that "Can't comment!" means "We're thinking about it/We're working on it" because if they weren't, it'd just be a "No."

Voiceofreason3707d ago

Highly doubtful the great sales of carnival games are in any way leading to a GTA on Wii.

GVON3707d ago

I think it's more than likely, as R* have put out bully,manhunt2,table tennis on the wii.

Tmac3707d ago

A lot of people would buy it on the Wii if it were available.. It would be a smart move.

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