Why 20 Xbox Ones are needed to power Crackdown 3's hugely-destructive physics-heavy multiplayer

This year's gamescom saw the first proper unveil of Crackdown 3 for Xbox One, a sequel in Microsoft's fan-favorite free-roaming, city-exploring open world game famed for its multiplayer hijinks and countless collectables to find.

While Microsoft promises a familiar campaign with lots of orbs to collect and up to three other people to play with, we've been shown the tease of a new physics-enabled multiplayer, where everything from walls to entire buildings can be destroyed for city-wide carnage. While how you'll play multiplayer is still under wraps, Microsoft was very keen to show its underlying impressive technology in a sandbox demo at the show. Here's what we learned.

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TheGreatGamer1108d ago

Without the cloud, it's a level of destruction just not possible on any console to date. Good to see MS pushing the boundaries of gaming here

nossred1108d ago

Another thing was explained that people can play the offline campaign, but the multplayer mode where has the cloud feature will be online.

Ie not harm anyone.

Kingthrash3601108d ago

I don't think ms is pushing boundaries here at cell phone uses the cloud and it's name is siri. What ms is doing however is finding ways to make games more impressive. ..well online games anyway. Also destruction has been done since red faction I'm sure this can be done without the cloud in this generation. Also this isn't a xbox only feature...Sony and Nintendo can do the same.
It's interesting to see how this will play looks good on the demo...but I really need to see how it plays. Online play is not easy and adding this will make it harder. Halo mcc had its online probs just like almost all online games. So let's not jump the gun here..let cross our fingers the this works out of the box.

XBLSkull1108d ago

Looks fantastic. The level of destruction they have demonstrated is unparalleled, and I'm glad to see that XBL Gold membership money is going towards game changing technology like that.

AngelicIceDiamond1108d ago

"Also this isn't a xbox only feature...Sony and Nintendo can do the same."

you'll be waiting a while for Sony to do anything like what Crackdown and Cloudgine is doing. 20 PS4's in cloud running in game technology that's not possible on a single console alone. Sounds like something Sony can't do at the moment.

Gority1108d ago


Cloud gaming is nothing new. Using it this way and this specific technology is, but it's not like Microsoft pioneered the Cloud. Any multiplatform game could build the technology if they want to. Plus, what do you think PS Now is? Cloud technology. Not only that, but they bought the important pieces of OnLive as well...

Hell, the damn Sega Channel was cloud gaming.

donthate1108d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond & Kingtrash360:

Sony was the one that got PSN hacked due to unpatched servers. To this day, PSN still cannot update without taking down the network for maintenance. DriveClub took ages to fix, and some of the first party games do not have dedicated servers yet. Pardon me, if I don't believe Sony will step up to the plate considering it has taken MS 2-3 years to get to this point.

So I think it would be up to third parties to find a solution to Xbox Live Compute on Playstation. Sony's strength is just not in the cloud.

I would love for Sony to surprise me, but it ain't looking good.

_-EDMIX-_1108d ago

@Angelic- "you'll be waiting a while for Sony to do anything like what Crackdown and Cloudgine is doing. 20 PS4's in cloud running in game"

MS job is to sell you XONE's, we don't really know how true any of that actually is.

We've had destruction in many gens, last gen quite a lot and much advance, we've yet to get a game this gen that does that to this scale....that is not to say it can't be done, it is merely saying we've yet to get one done to that scale this gen.

I'm not even sure how a game can't on either platform if you consider how much powerful they are, could you not merely create the game with that complexity in mind? Seeing the past games do destruction very much tells use its feasible, to say (well we haven't had it on this level) well......we haven't had it at all in a huge for this gen.

Could we not state that we've yet to even see it done on better hardware?

Of course last gen we didn't see it at this level, we also didn't see it on better hardware until now. I don't really buy the whole it can only be done by ABC as MS's job is sorta to sell you.

Don't be surprised if you see another game doing this or already being worked on that has this level of destruction that doesn't use cloud.

Ashlen1108d ago

I dunno, this whole game streaming cloud physics stuff just seems horribly inefficient. And a waste of energy and resources for small improvements or things that could be done in one's own home easier and cheaper.

It reminds me of driving your car to the end of a suburban driveway to get the mail.

GameNameFame1108d ago

You guys do know that cloud and dedicated servers do IDENTICAL things...

Right? AI on dedicated server? check
Random map generation on dedicated server? Check
Physics on dedicated server? check

LOL. Cloud has never been a secret sauce.

grumpygamr1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

20 Xbox One, what is that 1 server. I think this just shows that even under the leadership of Phil, Microsoft is still willing to sensationalize to manipulate their fanbase. Nobody realizes this is a controlled demo run on private network of a game way off. Never have games changed after being shown (countless E3 demos). Never have features been removed after being promised (Fable). People haven't played staged movies acting like it was gameplay ever either. Demos were never caught being run on super powered PC's under the table either. The tech is not new, destruction is not new. This showing was completely staged. I bet the whole thing was running on a Server behind the screen. Eat it up this soon you are being dumb.

I hope the game is amazing and I hope the tech is cool and works great. That is all

Arguing either way, believe it or not, is silly. It isn't anything yet. The Xbox Fanboys eat this up cause they are pretty young and ****. They should have had enough disappointments but they still Eat it up.

MeliMel1108d ago

@kingtrash, sony and Nintendo can do the same...NO they can't!

Magnes1108d ago

@angelic Minecraft has completely destructible environments I do that on my ps4. You did say anything like and that's like.

CantBeStopped1108d ago


Your comment was rational and well thought out, you didn't even put the tech down but stated a rather smart lets wait and see attitude, you didn't buy into the hype but rather very wisely tempered expectation. No wonder the xbox fanboys are disagreeing with you so hard, they dont like any of that, LOL.

subtenko1108d ago

And why it only takes 1 PS4 to pull off Planetside 2, H1Z1, Uncharted 4, etc....

Find out in the NEXT Episode of DRAGONBALLLLLL Z!!!!!!!

dcbronco1108d ago

Some people seem to enjoy making themselves look silly. As has been stated by several people in several articles it's funny that we've gone from Microsoft's claims being lies to everyone can do this. And the haters know this because every game made in the last decade has the exact same level of destruction in them too. They could show you but they never use that part of the game.

Please stop it with the delusions. Not every company can do this. So far we only know of two. Microsoft and Cloudgine. And we don't know who owns which parts of the technology so any speculation on others getting it is so premature you'll never have kids.

The chances Sony will have that Sony gets their hands on this technology in the next couple of years are none and none. This wasn't created by a couple of kids with a junior scientific kit. I'm sure it took years to develop and I'm sure they aren't going to just come out and tell exactly how they did it.

And even if your game doesn't need massive destruction, I'm sure a lot of developers would like a serious boost to AI and other physics. I could see this taking Hitman and Assassin's Creed to the next level with crowd Ai as well as games like Skyrim. Unique reactions when the shooting starts in Hitman and a massive attack on Whiterun in Skyrim.

You acting like a bunch of Buck Nasties.

Hate, hate, hate, hate.

Major_Glitch1108d ago

Crackdown 3 = This generation's "Alan Wake". A good game being DESPERATELY overhyped by the more rabid members of MS's fan base.
Question: What if all this "cloud tech" stuff turns out to be 100% spot on? Then what? What EXACTLY does this change?

JasonKCK1108d ago

Kingthrash360 this level of destruction has never been done before, by anyone. Unless you can find any game on that level. The fact that this is being done online is simply amazing. Most games tend to decrease in quality online in order to run more smoothly.

People asked MS to prove what they could do with the cloud and they did. Some people just don't like the outcome.

4Sh0w1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

The excuses are piling up like the debris in Crackdown 3: the difference is the excuses dont do anyone any good, they just stink.

"my cell phone uses the cloud and it's name is siri."
-Yeah cause Siri's using 15-20 servers computational power to process physics data to be rendered in a game.

"MS job is to sell you XONE's, we don't really know how true any of that actually is."

-Except they've been showing live demos to the gaming press...but Im sure with a beta coming up that Microsoft is just making it all up and well the beta will be last gen destruction.

"I dunno, this whole game streaming cloud physics stuff just seems horribly inefficient."

-lol, who cares its adding to the gameplay for the same price of a game NOT doing cloud implementation, you act as if you have to pay a seperate fee for it or something...if Microsoft wants to waist some of their vast server network for our benefit let them.

"under the leadership of Phil, Microsoft is still willing to sensationalize to manipulate their fanbase."

-Yeah cause trying to add a new experience to an exclusive game for their platform is manipulating them, huh?

"@angelic Minecraft has completely destructible environments I do that on my ps4."

-lol, OK sure...this just illustrates a big problem where many lack understanding of what Crackdown 3 is doing and mpre importantly what it can lead to in the future.

Bigpappy1108d ago

It amazes me how people are so willfully ignorant as to try to say that running computes to handle destruction in CD3 is the same as playing Candy Crush on their cell phones or streaming games from a server.

What you are seeing here in called INNOVATION. It is something never done on a console before. You should acknowledge that it is a great technical achievement, and hope that Sony could bring something like it to PS4 sometime in the future.

I do understand that fanboyism goes not allow for what I am suggesting. But just clearing the air a bit.

XBLSkull1108d ago

Lol, they laughed at microsoft when they said the cloud would triple xbox's computational power, now they cry when microsoft proved its going to be 20x haha. And that's just the early stages of one of the first titles to use the tech. This is going to go places. We may never need to buy another piece of hardware again.

andibandit1108d ago


"Also this isn't a xbox only feature...Sony and Nintendo can do the same."

They certainly can, but theres a difference between having the potential, and actually doing it.

UltraNova1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )


"It amazes me how people are so willfully ignorant as to try to say that running computes to handle destruction in CD3 is the same as playing Candy Crush on their cell phones or streaming games from a server. "

Although I could agree with you, somewhat, regarding the 'Innovation' part, I cant help but to point out to you that you fall within the same group of people you describe above.

"What you are seeing here in called INNOVATION. It is something never done on a console before. You should acknowledge that it is a great technical achievement, and hope that Sony could bring something like it to PS4 sometime in the future. " ---- (nice stealth trolling there at the end, btw.)

Before you rush into handing MS with the "Innovation and Technical Achievement on Home Consoles" award 2015 let me remind you that as far as we're concerned, today(and the foreseeable future)CD3 is just a tech demo running on an unspecified system/network (hmmm) and that if this gen has taught us anything is that 'over-promising & under-delivering' is the running slogan.

Long story cut short, I would respectfully advice the 'wait and see' approach on this one (same goes for Sony's VR en-devour), as anything could go wrong upon release leaving a lot of you early believers with a sour taste in your mouth.

UnHoly_One1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

All of you nay sayers are too hung up on the word "Cloud".

The "Cloud" can mean a ton of things, and YES, it can be used for Siri on an iPhone.

But THIS implementation of it is new, and different, and it's painfully obvious that some of you don't WANT it to be real.

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itBourne1108d ago

You guys really buy this cloud PR bullshit? This isn't new tech lol, by no means. Game developers have trouble optimizing for the Pc because of so many variables, you really think this game hinges on Internet connection to that extent? If so you are dillusional. Internet in America sucks, we can't even get online games to be a smooth process. You really think they are going to have that much server offloading to every person, and that persons experience be dependant on it. The back of boxes going to start saying 12 down stable for a proper experience? Lol, maybe this is another step in that direction, but they are not using 20 Xboxs to power it, and cloud is a pr word.

TheGreatGamer1108d ago

Wow you're literally so mis-informed on this subject that I don't even know why you've bothered to comment. They've already said it will only require 2-4mpbs download speed which is lower than PS Now to use an example.

Rookie_Monster1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Dude, it was shown at Gamescom and was shown again backstage demoing to journalists. How much more evidence do you need? A blood test perhaps?

And like the greatgamer said, the requirement on connectivity is actually less than PS Now. Unless PS Now totally don't work, then you might have a point. LoL

DragonbornZ1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

The way this tech is being used is definitely new. No game is doing what crackdown is. And it's already been said a 2-4mbps connection will be required.
In the demos they've showed at gamescom they already hit x15 the computing power of the x1. Not sure what you're on about.

rdgneoz31108d ago

Calling it the cloud makes it seem new and hip. It's basically dedicated servers which have been around for a long time (MMOs use them all the time), and have been used to run huge boss fights/events/player battles.

Planetside 2 got a Guinness world record for biggest first-person shooter battle ever with 1,158 players ( ). Eve had a battle with over 3,000 people which resulted in damages totaling over $300,000 real world dollars ( ). That much chaos would not be able to be handled by a single current gen console (any) on it's own without the help of dedicated servers.

Overall, the destruction does look sweet.

bloop1108d ago

2-4 Mb download speed my ass. And that goes for PS now too. Of course they're going to say that's all you need. I'm on 250mb down and 20mb up and every game I play still has some level of lag. If it works as smooth as the demo they showed, bravo, but we can only wait and see.

Gority1108d ago

Let me say a few things to this...

Yes, this looks pretty awesome and I'm excited to try it out.

@TheGreatGamer and @DragonbornZ Download speed isn't the only factor for your internet connection. The most critical thing is going to be latency to the servers, not download speed.

@rdgneoz3 Exactly, this isn't new technology, it's just being used in a new way. To simplify it, this is similar to the Amazon Silk browser, which processes everything on AWS but presents it on your kindle device. But yeah... cloud tech isn't new, especially in gaming. As I said above, the Sega Channel was cloud gaming.

donthate1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )


"Calling it the cloud makes it seem new and hip. It's basically dedicated servers which have been around for a long time (MMOs use them all the time), and have been used to run huge boss fights/events/player battles. "

A cloud is automated services sitting on top of servers. It is intended to allow you to do both horizontal and vertical scaling.

A dedicated server is exactly that, just hardware with specialized software often for specific tasks.

So yes, it is a whole new model. You wouldn't call a console a PC, because it has all the hardware parts of a PC do you?

It is all in the software buddy!


The latency requirement is less than a regular multiplayer game, which again is less than a streaming game service like PS Now.

That is because physics calculation are not frame sensitive. In fact, anything not frame sensitive can be offloaded to Xbox Live Compute. This includes light calculations and even AI.

Also, this is using cloud in a new way and does require some substantial research. If you look at what MS has done anything from Delorean to what Nvidia has done, it is quite impressive.

Gority1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )


Regarding what you said towards rdgneoz, yes dedicated servers are obviously considered cloud. I think the problem is, a lot of people do not understand what that means. Cloud is such a broad term, and that's not really what enables Crackdown to do what it's doing. It's the self titled Cloudgine technology that the company built for MS/Crackdown that allows it to do this.

This technology can't really be compared to PSNow in terms of latency. Bandwidth it can be for sure. However, PSNow, and RemotePlay, everything is being done on the servers, the client is just displaying it. Where the latency factors in is obviously between input, that being sent to the servers, and the visuals being displayed back. Honestly, to oversimplify it, it's basically RDP for games. In this case with Crackdown, the visuals are being processed on the client side and the instructions are being processed on the server side, as well as everybody else's movements, etc (this part is the same as every other online game). So latency will actually matter a little bit more because the client is more dependent on the server side. Now, I'm not saying that's bad. What am I saying is people with poor latency are going to be affected slightly more in this game than others, and you can't measure solely by "Oh, I have 30mb down so I'll be fine." We've all been in online games where we die and we don't know why, and then an explosion happens like two seconds later. I just think people with poor connections might be prone to that a little more. And as I said before... I don't see this as a major issue for the game and don't think it will be held back at all by it and I look forward to playing it.

But yeah, it should require less bandwidth than PSNow, because that is sending everything across, as opposed to what you were saying above where with Crackdown it's just instruction sets and the normal bandwidth an online game would take.

Sircolby451108d ago

It will not use as much bandwidth as you think. It is not transferring the textures, but only the destruction computations. Think of it like this. Your Xbox sends the cloud server a coordinate where you just shot. The server in turn sends back the type of destruction that should occur based on that particular hit. It is not sending back the destruction in it's entirety, it is just sending back the coordinates, dimensions, etc. for the frames under the textures to move. Your Xbox then does the grunt work to apply the textures and turn it into an actual image.

Also while it may take 20 Xboxs to calculate what their cloud server is doing, they will likely not be using that much processing power on their end. The reason is they will likely cache the information where you send them x coordinate hit and it already knows the numbers to send back based on a previous calculation. This can be done on a cloud server because they have MUCH more storage and can store all of these different scenarios. They don't even have to write them out themselves. It will likely cache the responses as they happen and so it will only have to calculate each hit once. So while it sounds like it would take a monumental amount of processing power on their end, they are likely using this sort of trickery to cut that number down by a significant margin.

sinspirit1108d ago


Exactly. Download and upload speed don't directly relate to ping and latency. For instance. League used to be 60-80 ping for me. Stream music, even youtube video playing in background. Now it's always 100-140 because we switched from comcast to ATT, we have faster speed but more ping. I dont remember the speedtest ping numbers but every game is laggier. Sucks.

Professor_K1108d ago

Least intelligent comment of the day

AceBlazer131108d ago

well they gotta buy something, lord knows the xb1 hasn't released any games for them to buy this year

brads41108d ago

lol. You can't tell real from fake. too bad. That's a handy life skill. They are going to eat you alive.

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TheGreatGamer1108d ago


Yeah your mobile uses the cloud...How's that looking when you're playing candy crush? They've showed an extended 10 minute tech demo to journalists what more 'proof' do we need? Red faction did have good destruction for its time but it was nowhere near this magnitude and it's physics were terrible. This destruction literally cannot be done on the hardware of any console alone. Sony and Nintendo might be able to do the same thing but how can we know they can? They've got no games utilising the cloud

Pogmathoin1108d ago

The cell phone uses the cloud to push ads down your a$$ more like....

AngelicIceDiamond1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

They are pushing some boundaries here I actually agree.

People told me it was fake and BS?

Its funny because ppl who were saying such things (fanboys) knew it was real the whole time because they were worried to actually see it happen one day. Oh they knew it was real from the get go. But of course they won't admit it.

If Crackdown delivers on the promise then that opens the floodgate for MS cloud gaming in AAA's moving forward.

Aenea1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

In all fairness most of what he says is actually true.

What's not correct is that remote servers can be used to calculate physics several frames in advance, if it had to be real-time, ie. do the calculation every single frame remotely for the current frame, yes, then it would be impossible since the network wouldn't be fast enough. But the console sends the server a request to calculate the physics for several bullets (or some other, bigger damage) for several frames in advance then that is possible since destruction isn't immediate (as in takes a few beats before the cascading destruction starts) in real life either...

And of course, if Sony is willing to invest in many, many servers or creates something that can use any server they have (PSN, store, Vue, Now, etc.) as anything else including for remote physics processing then they can have it too.

Of course I have no clue if what I described above isn't already done, even the physics stuff might be possible, I don't know, tho that last bit is probably something that they haven't done yet. Then again they've had 2 years of MS talk about 'the cloud' to prepare.

But by no means is this going to be something that will be specific to the Xbox One if it takes of since it's not something that needs special hardware in the consoles...

On a personal note: I hate buzzwords like 'the cloud' while it's still only remote servers doing stuff that has been done for ages. The physics bit is new, but am not surprised they did it...

Jaces1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Red Faction anyone?

andibandit1108d ago

small buildings vs skyscrapers.....the biggest buildings in Red Faction are indestructible.

NiteX1108d ago

So if you play offline the destruction is completely disabled?

DougLord1108d ago

No. They have said it is limited. IE you wont take down buildings - but you can shoot through windows and walls.

daxter19191108d ago

This was already possible on PS3 and xbox360 with Red Faction and without Cloud.

Red Faction Armageddon Total Destruction!


cigi1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Serious - if you do not see the difference you must be delirious.

The destruction is not physically built, there is no connection between what happens and the surroundings.

It like saying that they had textures in old 8bit games. Jesus crist why do people have to downplay when some new tech comes out that will literally change the way we play games. But no it is not on my favorite platform so it must be utter shit.

It is really pathetic and a testimony to how the gaming world has evolved.

JasonKCK1107d ago

cigi these people are desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. Most have gone into hiding and are avoiding this like the plague. Their presence can still be felt, they're the ones downvoting everyone. The brave few still trying are getting their ***es handed to them.

LifesChoice1107d ago

My attention is on how this is gonna incorporate npc and how the cloud helps improve upon elements other than physics. Seems pretty demanding but a world with npc generated by cloud processes could be very detailed and a lot more lifelike.
Also wonder if the single player campaign will be the same environment as multiplayer just without destruction.

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Walker1108d ago

The graphics and animation doesn't look even good but destructions are great !

mhunterjr1108d ago

Well, what you've seen is pre-alpha...

So far, they've been working on getting the engine working in all its cloudbased glory... They've got a year before it reaches Beta, which plenty of time to work of graphics and animations...

crazychris41241108d ago

It's pre alpha so they are working on major features and game mechanics first. As they get closer to launch they will work on polishing the game up by adding civilians, nice animations, touching up the graphics and more. Game won't be out for another year so they have plenty of time.

Pogmathoin1108d ago

Odd, when showing Uncharted 4 with its issues, the defense here was fierce, but now an Xbox game did not look perfect at early development stage and its fair game????

bullproodhead1108d ago

what issues? are you referring to drake falling to his doom without a death animation? I don't think they expected to die. general movement is clunky looking though lot more to work on in CD3 then UC4 which looks phenomenal .

Pogmathoin1108d ago

Bullprood, my point was they are both early builds, nothing is perfect at that point.... but to be selective over beta's/alpha's whatever, is immature...

SonofGod1108d ago

A pre-alpha game that's not in perfect condition yet? No waaaaay.

All the comments I've seen from you has been about bashing something Xbox related. How you can be a contributor is beyond me.

Rookie_Monster1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )


I saw you on that pre-Alpha Uncharted 4 and The Orders 1886 articles and defending them with your dear life. Why now all the sudden change on tones?

It already looked good in pre alpha so it will get better like any games in pre alpha stages. Common knowledge really.

grumpygamr1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

The game has a long way to go. This presentation is just to get the Xbox Fanboys filling forums with their misinformation. The game may never come out or even have this feature it's all marketting right now. MS has an amazing amount of morons vocally supporting it online. They are just feeding them.
Fact is it was a very controlled presentation, on a very fast and non Internet using network. They want to take it as yet another great hope, let them.

I hope it works, I hope crackdown 3 isn't as terrible as Crackdown 2. I loved Crackdown

I just wish all the fanboys who seem to have the ability to knock others when they are making dumb points could turn it around on themselves sometime. Seems to be a problem where people just spout ignorance and leave it at that. Ya I am talking to you disagree clicking douche

And the fanboys are right. Bitchin about the graphics at this point is every bit as lame as thinking this been around for years tech is the second coming of Xbox. Right now it is, whether you agree or not, 90% marketting, 10% reality. I bet they haven't even tested over the Internet yet.

AngelicIceDiamond1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Since when did the devs ever say Crackdown 3 was a graphical powerhouse?

Hell since when has the Ip ever been graphically superior?

Idc about graphics in Crackdown, that's not what its about, its about gameplay. You want graphics play Quantum Break.

proudxgamer1107d ago

you said it best!
DANG... GAMERS GAME its a FUN GAME... better than INfamous/uncharted....

tmh35931108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Lol pre alpha footage calm yourself

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Chaosdreams1108d ago

In the name of video game progress, I'm happy about this. One company pushes the other and although some break along the way, others rise to the challenge.

Gamers win (but our wallets suffer).

SquidBuck1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Couldn't Sony also use the cloud for the same reasons? I bet if it works well for MS, Sony will hop on board. Crackdown is hella good fun though, I'd buy an Xbox for this game.

THC CELL1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Sony stated what u said il find a link but u need a great connection

SmokingMonkey1108d ago

Yoshida said that "of course" PS4 developers will be able to take advantage of cloud-based computing for their titles.

"Linking, matchmaking... there are already many computations being done on the cloud side," Yoshida said, adding that there are limitations to what processes can be offloaded to a remote computer, due to latency and bandwidth.

Asked whether cloud-based computing technology would face issues of adoption, since Sony does not require an online connection for PS4, Yoshida said, "No."

"We don't believe every title needs that," he said. "But if your title needs [an] online connection to provide some online features: Go for it."

good read,

AngelicIceDiamond1108d ago

"We don't believe every title needs that," he said. "But if your title needs [an] online connection to provide some online features: Go for it."

That's why Destiny ran well at launch and continues to run well now.

SkippyPaccino1108d ago

I demand you take your facts and get out of here. This conversation is purely for the Microsoftlyinsane and people who like fanboy wars. ;-)


Good find. I don't think crackdown will be released till early 2017. Now we have to hear this Cloud bs for the next 2 years...