Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Requires a Stable Connection - So What?

Microsoft's sandbox of destruction requires a solid connection to run in multiplayer. What does that mean for gamers? Should we be worried?

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TheGreatGamer1139d ago

So basically every other multiplayer game

Paulhammer1139d ago

Except in this case the actual geometry of the world is dependent on the connection - that's a lot more data going up and down the pipe all the time.

TheGreatGamer1139d ago

Yeah you're right but the basic premise of the game is the same, if you lose connection you can't play, just like with any MP games

donthate1139d ago

The amount of data for Xbox Live Cloud Compute isn't the concern as much as the latency, but even that is severely less than say what PS Now requires.

You can do physics and AI calculations for many frames in advance. PS Now requires pretty much every frame to process the input which requires very consistent data across the pipe.

Most of the time it isn't so you can feel the laggyness, because it actually takes a few frames.

Xbox Live Compute doesn't require as much of low latency as PS Now can be used on most internet connections now and they are aiming for 2-4 Mbps connections.

Compare that to PS Now, and the network technology and infrastructure to do game streaming is way behind and not ready for prime time at all.

So I wouldn't worry about it too much.

LaChance1139d ago

Can you play online multiplayer to the fullest on a PS4 without a stable connection ?

Yeah thought so.

maybelovehate1139d ago

I don't think it is as much data as you think it is. The geometry is stored on the servers as well as the console. The calculations "which are very expensive on the CPU" are being performed on the server but the actual geometry is on the console so really you are just sending back positions, which would be a straightforward vector3 array. Not a complex array of geometry, just the positions of the geometry.

uptownsoul1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Not trying to rain on Crackdown's parade(because i think the game looks great & great concepts), but what happens to Crackdown's multiplayer during a possible DDoS attack?

kneon1139d ago


The difference is that the definition of "stable connection" is dependent on how much data you need to push. A lower data requirement is more tolerant of minor connection issues.

Kribwalker1139d ago


The same thing that happens when Xbox live or psn get a ddos attack. The online multiplayer doesn't work

turdburgler10801139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Got to love the goal posts being moved again. Here's actual tech being displayed in real time and let's be honest here, ponies are so upset they immediately have gone into denial and are running away with the goal posts. It's so funny to see all the naysayers trying to create any road block they can to downplay this. Let the armchair programmers pretend!

Brotard1139d ago

exactly, meaning i will never be able to play it even if i wanted to!

kneon1139d ago


Some of us are real programmers, I've got almost 30 years in front of the keyboard.

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UKmilitia1139d ago

the thing is latency.
every game must be on dedicated servers for a start
but the lag in many games is borderline anyway i think.
my connection is solid but i think if you added that bit of lag,then the tvs lag,the consoles inpput lag.

it might all become noticable?

what if a server goes down does it jump to next one because each building is a server?
i think the idea and waht i seen looks awesome but i have so many questions and i only hear what they want us to know.
fingers crossed for them though.

lemoncake1139d ago

From demo it seems each game is actually spread over multiple servers, number of servers involved is dynamic and increases when more calculations are needed.

If you don't notice lag in other modern multiplayer games on your connection there's a very high chance you won't notice it here. Distance to server is most important here and Microsoft has servers all over so chances are you will be close to one of them.

Servers are built into clusters so if one server goes down others in the cluster take over.

Neixus1139d ago

No, in other games it will only disconnect if you hit a certain ping ( usually 300-400 ping ) which then makes you disconnect.

Let's say you have a bad connection, this will make your game lag very much, unlike other games because this one is more dependant on your connection than an MMO game.

nossred1139d ago

It has been was explained that people can play the offline campaign, but the multplayer mode where has the cloud feature will be online.

Ie not harm anyone.

deadpoolio3161139d ago

Yeah which means that alot of people potentially could purchase the game based on their "cloud" demos thinking that those features work across the entire game, only to find out that the cloud anything only works in the MP....

That just sounds stupid, why develop the cloud based physics only to have them in half the game...It makes no sense. These features should be up front and center in the single player not just the MP portion

nossred1139d ago

No, if they are warning that it is a resource for multplayer has how people deceive. Unlike sony that fooled everyone with The Order being an interactive filem.

BlackPanther1139d ago

So what you are telling me is that multiplayer needs a constant internet connection?.... You don't say lol

FlexLuger1139d ago

I know right? what a revelation! these bloggers are a bright bunch.

gangsta_red1139d ago

It is hilarious how internet connections come in to question with a multiplayer game when Crackdown is involved.

Also, props for the Bulletproof avatar from C.O.P.s

Testfire1139d ago

Unstable internet connections were a thing in my area back in the late 90s, but not so much, actually never nowadays. Power outages are more common, in which case you won't be playing anything.

christocolus1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )


Right? Lmao. Who plays mp games with unstable internet connections. Jones said you'll need 2-4mb, so as long as it falls within that we'll be fine.

TwoForce1139d ago

Every online games have issues. Not every one of them are perfect. Developer have to update their games every single weeks and every single months.

FlexLuger1139d ago

LOL..I swear people literally take our arguments on here and turn them into articles..N4G runs the internet now! lol

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