First Party Excellence in Quantum Break, Scalebound & Crackdown A Big Step For Xbox, Is It Enough?

MGL: Gamescom has seen even more fantastic games shown and the Microsoft showing at the Xbox Briefing really was something to admire.

After showing off some great games at E3 we were all happy but following that up with amazing gameplay from Quantum Break & the TV show running alongside it. Epic action in Scalebound, a mix of action game and RPG that looks great already. Then you see Crackdown 3 on the Microsoft Cloud with a 100% destructible city, you have to stand up and say that is something special.

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jay21106d ago ShowReplies(4)
crazychris41241106d ago

All 3 games they showed off looked great. Look forward to seeing more. What I would like to see MS make is either a new arcade racing IP or revive an older game. Maybe they could revive Split/Second, Full Auto or some other dormant arcade racer. Then you pair that with cloud tech and you could have a great game if in the right hands.

christocolus1106d ago

I want a party game like fuzion Frenzy or Kung Fu Chaos.

Paytaa1106d ago

The first Fuzion Frenzy was some of the best couch local multiplayer when I was younger with my cousins. If it got the proper treatment for a third outing it would be pretty neat. Don't see too many party games anymore.

PockyKing1106d ago

Full Auto needs to make a comeback. That was one of my favorite games at the beginning of last-gen. Never got around to the PS3 sequel though.

BallsEye1106d ago

I'm eager to see halo wars 2!

itBourne1106d ago

Microsoft has some awesome 1st party support right now, kudos to them. They are making the right moves. Some new ip too even more awesome. Will be eager to see if they keep it up throughout the cycle as they most certainly did not last two generations.

Side note isn't scalebound 2nd party? Not that it matters much.

Lenrulesdaworld1106d ago

the studio but the game is 1st party ip, owned & trademarked as microsofts. Along with recore as well...

Rookie_Monster1105d ago

There is no such thing as second party. As it is either first party or third party.

What do you call when a third party publisher like Activision contracted COD to another studio that they don't owned? 4th party?

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nossred1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

To my knowledge it has more than that:

Backwards compatibility FREE
Best multplayer network
Streamming for PC
EA Access
Early Access
DVDR and air
Monthly updates and new features
Best multimedia console
Windows 10
Best control also with Elite
universal app
large Microsoft Support
Low prices of the console.
Best line up year-end for the second time, with varying AAA titles for all public.
And guarantee that has great AAA and support for years to come.
Great support the Indies

If this is not an advantage not know what world other people live.And unfortunately there hater to say that the Xbox is a failure.

Loadedklip1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

The X-Box One is at this moment the better purchase in comparison to a PS4. Unfortunately Microsoft destroyed a ton of their "goodwill" in 2013 with their Always Online, DRM, original price, forced Kinect spying on you and more.

Many single console owners already made up their minds and switched to Playstation this gen already.

And for some on the fences ... their friends probably have a PS4 over an XB1 thus you know what their choice is going to end up being as well.

Still ... I am glad to see they have done a near 180 in how they are treating their fans and potential fanbase right now. But most of it is in fact due to the negativity and lower sales they received thanks to their policies in 2013.

littlezizu1106d ago

Your statement "Xbox1 better purchase over PS4" is completely subjective.
PS4 had more AAA exclusives in 2015 and 2016.
So in my opinion PS4 is still better xbox1 which is also subjective.

Saranya1106d ago

Unfortunately that XB1 was destroyed by Mattrick.

DougLord1106d ago

After seeing Crackdown 3 I wish my Xone was always online!

donthate1106d ago

Don't forget that now Xbox One can be the most powerful console thanks to the Xbox Live Cloud Compute as shown of with Crackdown 3.

GwG for Xbox 360 are all BC with Xbox One in the near future.

DX12 and cross buy and cross play with Windows 10.

I could keep going, but I will just say, it is a dang good time to be an Xbox One gamer!!!

Rookie_Monster1105d ago

Let me continue for you.

Many big AAA games like Fallout 4 and Just Cause 3 have BC version of previous version to XB1 gamers for FREE with gears went Berserk with all 4 prequels INCLUDED for free with Gears Ultimate.

90% or more of their exclusive lineup have MP so XB1 gamers can get their money's worth paying to play online.

Windows 10 apps are universal so they can share and use either on their XB1, PC , or even their phones. So MS Office and other Windows apps will be coming to a XB1 near you.

I am sure many other benefit and features I didn't mention as well but you guys get our drifts.

sullynathan1106d ago

I'm not against Xbox One because I had a 360 but you're exaggerating some of those points.

There will be only 100 games that are available through backwards compatibility once it releases. They will most likely be the most popular games of last gen. As time goes on, less people will care about it.

We don't know what extent the streaming will be like for Xbox One. Correct me if i'm wrong but we haven't seen many games using the streaming from PC to Xbox One feature. Same goes for Windows 10.

All consoles get updates and new features.

Last time I checked, it wasn't the cheapest console on the marker.

Best line up is completely subjective.

All consoles get AA support for years to come.

Last time I checked, PS4 was getting more indie support and PC has the most indie support.

richie007bond1106d ago

Its more than enough, xbox one's games line up is fantastic.

slappy5081106d ago

Starting this August with Gears of War Ultimate right through to April in Quantam break , there will just be so much of exclusives and multiplatform titles to play!

FlexLuger1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

I got mine in april so as you could imagine I had a lot of catching up to do. But since april I have been playing FM5, FH2, KI, Ori, halo:MCC,Titanfall ( Its friggin awesome!) neverwinter, smite and elite and I just got rare replay the other day. looking forward to gears this month. forza next month.Halo the month after along with starwars. Then In november Im bringing TR and FO4 home. I hope cuphead comes out before the years end too.

And then 2016...oh much too look forward to in 2016 :)


Jump in dude! Titanfall is nice clean balanced FPS fun, that just works. I promise you wont be disappointed. and you will get feels the first time you call in a titan. I would recommend getting EA access for it now though. The DLC is free regardless but with access you get those other games thrown in. And their seems to be more players on it now these days since its being pretty much given away. KI is my fave fighter this gen next to guilty gearXrd on PS4. Grab the complete collection. Its awesom. But try it for free first!

As for rare replay..have you started playing solar jetman yet? I guanrtantee you, when you have finsished that game you will be tweeting phil for a reboot of that one. I would love to see a fully realised 3d rendered solar jetman game that has us hopping planets and exploring as well as adventuring. its one of the Best NES games I ever owned back in the day. be sure to spend some time on that one ;)

slappy5081106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

I sti;ll have to play Titanfall! And Killer Instinct actually. Yeah neverwinter is addictive. I havent spent a cent on it and ive put about 30 hours in it!
Theres also alot for me to get through on Rare replay, I didnt think Id like the games with the heavily outdated graphics but dayamm they are fun. My favourite thus far Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac is definately one of my favourite devs

FlexLuger1106d ago

And yes..neverwinter stops you from playing everything.Its addictive! Any luck beating tiamat yet? I always seem to get stuck with idiots who fight near the clerics and get them killed in the process. and lets not forget people who forget to take and activate a dragon soul gem when fighting tiamat's heads...I could cry!I hope this game gets a cross play update soon because I think we are gonna need some experienced PC players to school some of these guys on how to do it right! lol

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