How to Change the PS4 Hard Drive Tutorial in 60 Seconds

Want to change upgrade your PS4 HDD, but don't know how? Don't worry, PlayStation LifeStyle will teach you how in just 60 seconds.

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ftwrthtx1105d ago

It's a pretty simple task

psplova1105d ago

Agreed. I changed mine to a 2TB drive and haven't looked back.

Wedge191105d ago

60 seconds is really all ya need!

SmokingMonkey1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

1st thing I did before I ever even turned on my PS4. It was a 1TB.

I hate having external HDD, all the extra wires sticking out of the console, plus HDD AC adaptors are usually huge too. Options are always nice to have though.

TheGreatGamer1105d ago

I personally prefer external HDD's becaude you can use it with multiple consoles

SmokingMonkey1105d ago

Agree, that is a nice feature of the ExternalHDD,

the price for that portability ; extra wires, etc.

It's always best to have the option to do both.

Dlacy13g1105d ago

I also like the external because you still can utilize your internal hard drive. So you're not having to waste the original hard drive.

lemoncake1105d ago

All you would have to do is pick up a portable HDD, no external power and they are very small so you can hide it away or just get a decent looking one. You don't have to go for those huge ugly behemoths with external power adapters these days. Cosmetically I have more problems with charging my controllers, wires go everywhere.

pivotplease1105d ago

Same. I think a classy looking charge station might be in the cards for me.

SmokingMonkey1105d ago

The portable Hdd is a smart way to tuck it away.

I rotate between two DS4's, but I found that a USB cable under the couch is a good way to hide a charge cable, with quick access, especially for two player gaming sessions.

uth111105d ago

60 seconds my ass! How long does backup and restore take?

deadpoolio3161105d ago

An intelligent person would have done that before they even went out and purchased the HDD to replace...

It also wouldn't take that long considering a backup only save your game save data, you can't download movies onto the PS4, it doesn't allow you to back up games period.....So a backup and restore would be relatively fast

kstuffs1105d ago

So how log would it take to download again 400+ GB of games?

uth111104d ago

It's still time-consuming and part of the upgrade process, it's not honest to pretend it isn't

it now allows you to back up your games and save data.

Glad they added that, I upgraded my HD before they added that and it took me 3 days until I got everything downloaded and reinstalled :/

psplova1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

lol... True, true. That part was a bit of a headache, gotta admit. Sony, do something about that will ya!?

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