Willing to take risks is a ‘bedrock value’ for Nintendo, says company EVP

Nintendo is a company that takes risks, innovates, and experiments with new ideas to further enhance the experience the gameplay experience for the player. Their most recent game risk was Splatoon, and that turned out quite well for the company. While speaking with, Scott Moffitt, Executive VP of Sales at Nintendo of America, explained to us how risk makes Nintendo who they are: a company willing to try new things and give gamers new forms of gaming.

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RuleNumber51053d ago

Hope they never change in this regard. Gaming needs more diversity and this company brings it in spades. We get better when we're different.

Maybay1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

Well said.

I believe the Wii U gamepad is a great concept, though it needed more robust features. Nivdia shield comes to mind.

Random ideas for software;
NHL - players on the gamepad have their own dynamic camera, which in turn, makes playing goaltender easier.

Basketball - perform player's signature moves, "create mode" for crossovers, dunks, alley-oops. A sim city type mode for building NBA arenas.

RPGS - create spells, attack moves, towns, online segment creator up/and downloads.

Shooters - In game content creator (for fire cover, traps, etc). Gamepad weapon's customization options, 1 vs all via dungeons and dragons.

addictedtochaos1052d ago

Would be nice If EA would get their head put of their a#+ and put at least the sports titles on Wii U. Would love NHL on Wii U.

JLynn9431052d ago

That goalie idea is gold. I'd actually play goalie if they did that.

BigDuo1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

A look at Nintendo's attitude and company philosophy from the minds of the late Satoru Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto:

"The entire development team at Nintendo will remain committed to our development policy which Mr. Iwata and we have been constructing together and to yield the development results which Mr. Iwata would appreciate." - Miyamoto, July 2015

"We like to do things that are unique and different from other companies, but we also don't want to just end up in a race to have the highest-tech specs in a competition to try to find how we get these expensive tech specs to the lowest price of the other systems. And so there's different ways that we can approach it." - Miyamoto, June 2015

"What we are always striving to do is to find a way to take novel technology that we can take and offer it to people at a price that everybody can afford. And in addition to that, rather than going after the high-end tech spec race and trying to create the most powerful console, really what we want to do is try to find a console that has the best balance of features with the best interface that anyone can use." - Miyamoto - June 2015

"If you only expand upon existing hardware, it's dull. In some shape or form, we're always thinking about how we want to surprise players as well as our desire to change each person's video gaming life. NX is a dedicated game platform with a brand-new concept - Iwata, March 2015

"What the other companies are doing makes business sense, but it's boring. The same games appear on every system. At Nintendo we want an environment where game creators can collaborate and think of ideas for games that could have never happened before." - Miyamoto, Nov 2014

"A unique software experience can always be realized with unique hardware that has a unique interface. That is why I believe Nintendo is, and will be, sticking to these dedicated gaming machines." - Miyamoto, August 2014

"If you do the same thing as others, it will wear you out. "Nintendo is not good at competing, so we always have to challenge [the status quo] by making something new, rather than competing in an existing market." - Iwata, Oct 2013

"Creating "something new" also carries the risk of failure, that's something that Yamauchi taught me about as well.He always said that if you have failure, you don't need to be too concerned. You always have good things and bad, and this reflects the history of Nintendo." - Iwata, Oct 2013

"We just don't care too much about what other companies are doing or are trying to do. Our primary focus is to think about and actually carry out something which [another] company's hardware can never realize." - Iwata, June 2013

" From my perspective, with regard to the more powerful hardware systems, to me what still remains incredibly important is the developers maintaining a focus on creating unique games because if all that everyone does is uses the enhanced power to create more and more games that look and feel the same, then all that it becomes is a competition about the power of the hardware rather than the uniqueness of the experience. That, to me, is where developers should be devoting their effort." - Miyamoto, June 2013

“it’s not just about power alone, but how to balance what you’re offering in terms of power with cost. I’m very happy with the balance that we’ve been able to strike. What’s left is how developers use it.” - Miyamoto, June 2012

"We just don’t care what kind of “more beef” console Microsoft and Sony might produce in 2013." - Iwata, June 2012

Nintendo sounds pretty consistent and adamant about its interests.

superchiller1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

All of those Iwata quotes don't change the fact that the Wii U was a failure, another underpowered console based on a gimmick, just like the Wii before it. Iwata may have said that he "doesn't care what kind of *more beef* console Microsoft and Sony might produce in 2013", but he SHOULD have cared, and he SHOULD have put more resources into the Wii U console itself, instead of completely gimping it to accommodate the gimmicky gamepad. All those quotes just prove that he was out of touch with reality, and the failure of the Wii U is the direct result of that miscalculation and lack of awareness. Nintendo certainly has been "consistent", but in a poor way; consistently producing weak, underpowered, feature-lacking hardware, cutting every possible feature out to keep costs down, then throwing in a gimmick to try to reel people in. That is certainly nothing to be proud of, is it?

marloc_x1052d ago

Nothing to be proud of? How about making PS4 profits with less than half the install base, little 3rd party support and no subscription revenue?

rjason121052d ago

Yup that's exactly what they do, "throw a gimmick in" yeah right, they have a vision of different ways to play games like they've always had (and like Atari, sega, etc use to have) they want to do something different with games, some show it (like splatoon, windwaker hd, Nintendo land, etc) while others don't (donkey kong country tropical freeze, Mario 3d world, etc) while like every other company are in it to make money, they want to make money, but they also want to change the way you play video games and get your family involved. I'm not gonna defend all their choices (like missing features, etc) because they do make bad choices like every other fucking company and human being on this earth, I'm just sick and tired of people calling what they do "gimmicky". They take chances on this stuff, some worked out really well (wii, DS) while others did not (virtual boy, wii u) but they sure as hell take more chances than other companies.

RPGrinder1051d ago

Nintendo takes more risk than anyone. Sometimes it pays big

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