Crackdown 3 Gamescom hands-on preview: Stunning cloud-based destruction

For, years 'the cloud' has been touted as the next revolutionary thing, when really it's just the internet. Your photos aren't stored on a mythical techno cloud – they're stored on someone else's server that you can access through the web. 'The cloud' as a marketing term has been around for a while, making many audiences groan whenever it's mentioned. At Gamescom 2015, however, during a demo of long-awaited Xbox One sequel Crackdown 3, IBTimes UK was blown away by the applications of it for the first time.

At its press conference for the event, Microsoft showed off the game in action (see the video below) and its multiplayer section, which uses cloud servers to render the map's many buildings fully destructible. This total destruction is limited to a separate multiplayer mode; the campaign itself – which can be played co-op with four players – will not feature destructible buildings in the same way.

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jay21111d ago

But cloud will go down etc

Rookie_Monster1111d ago

Then, just like COD or Uncharted 4 MP online or any other online MP games, you play the campaign offline and resume ultimate destruction of rhe entire city with your friends and foes when it is back on. See, how easy is that?

4Sh0w1111d ago

lol, Rookie did you really have to explain to him that the world won't suddenly end on the off chance you're online during the less than 1% of the time throughout a whole year that Azure goes down for a specific local region? mean wait a few minutes while playing the NORMAL destruction SP game, pfft who does that?

lemoncake1111d ago

At which point you play single player, problem solved.

brads41111d ago

Uptime guarantees on azure cloud are pretty good. Better than your average multi player server. 39hours of downtime all of 2014. pretty sure the world will survive the few are far between outages.

donthate1111d ago

Also the 39 hours are spread out and not always in the same region. That is to say uptime is better than 99% uptime.

Some companies rely on Azure for their mission critical apps....

4Sh0w1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

Actually Microsofts cloud service suffered its worst reliability issues in 2014, being down 39 hours in all of 2014 due for the most part to 1 major outage that lasted several hours. Still finished 2014 at 99.5% reliability rating and its poplarity among big businesses grew vs competitors.

brads41111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

When you are dealing with numbers that small, the difference between 4 and 39 is technically statistical error. It's irrelevant. Uptime is 99.xx percent, good enough. The difference is small, and there are other metrics such as ping time where MS is better. The service is solid, stop looking for holes. This is an enterprise layer being leveraged for the console. It's something new, built on proven mission critical hardware/software solutions. It's gonna be good.. These systems are designed to scale as demand changes from the ground up.

You folks will find fault in anything, but really don't understand what is happening enough to have any option that is relevant. You are in over your head.

Volkama1111d ago

Your internet seems pretty stable. Stable enough to post your concerns in every Crackdown article anyway.

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DougLord1111d ago

For those that often don't read the articles - you have to watch the video. WOW.

About half the people on N4G look really stupid now.

christocolus1111d ago

It was submitted here yesterday. I've been watching that vid for a while now. simply amazing.

proudxgamer1111d ago

Day 1.... PHIL run for President-you deserve alot of credit for deciding to bring back this IP....

Volkama1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

This stuff was surely in development way before Phil took the reins.

Is it OK to consider giving Don Mattrick some credit, or will that kind of talk get me barred from N4G?