PS4 console for £249.99 or a white model for £269.99

Dealspwn: Yes, that's nearly £6 cheaper than the deal yesterday as the retailer has decided to include the courier delivery for free.

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Kurisu1145d ago

£100 cheaper than the launch price, nice!

I got my PS4 with the Destiny launch bundle (for the White PS4, not Destiny xD) and I don't regret not waiting as I've had good use out of my PS4.

Great time to upgrade for those who haven't already.

OB1Biker1145d ago

Yea I got mine with Infamous SS not regretting at all either. Funny how people keep saying PS4 didnt have a price cut whatsoever it keeps getting cheaper just like xb1

Kurisu1145d ago

It is getting cheaper, but it hasn't got an official price drop. There are just some great retail deals going on.

NiteX1145d ago

I like how the white is more expensive for no reason at all. I will just stick with my TK Bundle, I can wait.