Could Just Cause 3 be a GOTY contender? Preorder for £33.73 on PS4/XO

Dealspwn: That new trailer. I mean, what the hell, Just Cause 3? How dare you look so much fun and not be out until December! Take advantage of the voucher code to get Just Cause 3 for only £33.73 on PS4 and Xbox One. That's £6 cheaper than the next best retailer. Be sure to enjoy the latest trailer below too.

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Eterna1Ice1107d ago

Doesn't feel like GOTY material, but the game should be great nonetheless

Rookie_Monster1107d ago

Probably not but it did look good though with the gameplay I've seen thus far. Keeping an eye out for it.

Immorals1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Beats 50 quid at GAME anyday!

Edit/. Keeping getting an error message when I try to pay, saying code isn't valid :(.

lemoncake1107d ago

It's coming out in the wrong year to win GoTY, looks like a good game but there's so many good games this year

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The story is too old to be commented.