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GameZone: "Many of you are angry at Microsoft and Square Enix for the deal they made that prevents from gamers on PS4 for experiencing such a great title for such a long time. After playing a portion of the game myself at Gamescom 2015, it really feels like they are just rubbing salt in the wound by making anyone wait for it. As someone that was forced to choose, then selected a PS4 over Xbox One, the decision hurts just a bit. If you are on PC, the wait won't be as bad, but you can truly count yourself as one of the fortunate if you own an Xbox One. Not only is the new Rise of the Tomb Raider a great game, it's actually a game that is centered around challenging tomb raiding."

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Chanogram1080d ago

Not a bad hands-on impression. If it is like the original with additions (sounds like it is), then it will be a very good game indeed.

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chrisx1079d ago

All in all this game looks cool. Ps4 version def

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medman1079d ago

Square killed Lara for me. The only way I pick this game up a year after release is if it's a definitive edition with all dlc AND they price it at a maximum of 39 bucks. There will be far too many games available by fall 2016 for a year old Tomb Raider to get my dollars, unless they make it worth my while.

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