We Want to Be More Respectful of Players' Time with Destiny, Says Bungie

Push Square: "Bungie's really trying to shake things up with Destiny: The Taken King. Whether this is because it wants to secure a few more pre-orders for the expansion or because it's keen to get lapsed players back into the game, we obviously can't say, but the developer's clearly trying to switch things up for the better."

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Sureshot1141d ago

For some reason the saying "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me" comes to mind...

WildArmed1140d ago

I know right.

It's not like we had been yelling this since the launch month. Esp when it came to the damn material grind (atleast they patched that in so you could buy them with marks!).

But Destiny is a game that isn't going to be remembered for 'respecting the gamer's time'.

thekhurg1140d ago

No MMO-style game in the history of the genre respects a players' time.

Destiny is a MMO-themed game, you're supposed to log in regularly for long periods of time.

subtenko1140d ago

U didnt respect my wallet! Now you have to respect my AUTHORITAHHH!!!! *bonk*

Christopher1140d ago

Sorry, thekhurg, but you're wrong. You can log into an MMO and gain currency that can go towards buying what you need and more. There are a ton of ways of advancing, so you time is rarely wasted.

Destiny has one way of advancing, gear. And that gear is completely random for the best equipment. And a person can play the same raid 20 times more than another person and not get the gear they need.

In an MMO, yeah, there are random drops in raids. But, there's also a ton of other ways to advance, an auction house, and other features that allow you to continue to advance your progress by your time spent.

thekhurg1140d ago


You couldn't be more inaccurate. The best gear in any good MMO is from end game content, not with currency from doing dailies.

Christopher1140d ago

***You couldn't be more inaccurate. The best gear in any good MMO is from end game content, not with currency from doing dailies.

And did you not see how I said even if you don't get that best gear from the raid, you still advance in some way or get rewarded with something that will allow you to advance?

Destiny only has gear. That's it. You either get it or you don't.

MMOs have tons of ways to advance and to improve. So doing a raid and not getting that one weapon this week doesn't mean you don't advance in some other way or even get materials to advance something else you need.

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WildArmed1139d ago

Most MMOs have a crafting system that allows you to make the last piece of gear you are missing.

My brother and I played Tera a lot, and we ended up crafting the gear for him instead of relying on rng. We played the market and saved money to buy mats and craft.

Destiny literally has one way to progress (tied to a weekly limit too). Most MMOs arent like that.

My brother and I played Tera for 4 months and maxed out our skills. Went skill hunting (yes, you can also go get new skills instead of gear).

Each match you took part in for PvP gave you points that you could put towards the best gear in the game, none of the rng crap.

So yeah, there are MMOs that respect your time. Your progression isn't solely tied to your gear, but level (which isn't stupidly
Currently tied to light level which is tied to gear In destiny), skills, PvP, market and so on.

Destiny is as one dimensional as any MMO can possibly get.

Christopher1139d ago

***Destiny's advancement is exactly the same as any other MMO - they're ALL gear driven experiences. ALL of them. ***

You are just completely ignoring that Destiny has SOLELY gear driven system where MMOs have tons of other ways to improve:

- Talent Trees/Alternate Advancement
- Crafting/Material gathering
- Selling/Buying/Auctioning

Many MMOs even get around the issue of "gear based" raids by giving everyone something or giving them an item that can be used to make something that is gear-focused rather than just random loot that is distributed by priority.

You see, you keep saying all MMOs are gear focused, that's true. But only Destiny doubles down on that by making it completely random (on an MMO raid, you know items are going to drop, on a Destiny raid, the whole group could come away with crap), by removing any option to trade or sell items that aren't even "exotic", and by adding absolutely no other way to advance in the game other than just being lucky with getting the right gear.

MMOs alleviate this issue of gear focus by integrating other elements that say, you may not have gotten this gear today, but your time spent wasn't wasted because now you advanced this skill, gained a new talent point, or the like.

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Christopher1140d ago

This isn't going to solve anything. You're still going to be grinding for the best gear, which is going to be random drop. So, you'll still be working to get the latest "Gjallarhorn" weapon in the expansion to get included in the hardest raid mode to then play that over and over to get the best weapon drops from that.

They're not respecting our time, just saying they are while leaving the biggest issue in the game.

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SquidBuck1140d ago

I think it's time to move on Bungie.

Dan_scruggs1140d ago

That's a good thought to have 10 months after the game releases.

WildArmed1140d ago

Gotta convince people to come back right?

lol, save all the big fan requested fixes for the big dlc / retail re-release in hopes of getting people back in.

InTheZoneAC1140d ago

too late, should've thought about it when I quit a day prior to House of Wolves, and finally the people that stuck around are seeing what I already saw with this bs game/company.

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