Diablo and The Binding of Isaac Fans Take Notice: “Leap of Fate” Now Available on Steam Early Access

Prepare to step into the boots of a present-day technomancer, as developer Clever-Plays today announced that their new cyberpunk-themed game, Leap of Fate, is now available on Steam Early Access for PC. And for those attending PAX Prime, you’ll be able to get hands-on time with Leap of Fate at the show.

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generalwinter1104d ago

PAX is looking to be good this year!

MzDino1104d ago

So trying this out at PAX!

instantstupor1103d ago

I'm a bit confused as to why fans of Diablo want to keep an eye on this. It looks very much like a twin stick shooter from what I can see. Akin to a game like Dead Nation with a dash button. What am I missing?