Denied Japanese Gears of War fans vote to add Japanese Dub to North American GEoW: Ultimate Edition

[Imported Goodness] Within hours of the announcement that the Japanese version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition wouldn't be coming to Japan, Japanese fans took to the official Xbox Feedback page, suggesting that in lieu of an actual Japanese release Japanese language support should be included in the North American release of the game.

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FlexLuger1144d ago

Waaait a minute ..what? There are people in japan who care about the xbox?

To the mods I want to say please dont mark that as trolling. As KNOWN xbox fan, I am geuinely baffled a bit by this because I am one of those people that think MS is wasting money selling xbox in japan. I am saying that as an xbox gamer.....

I didnt even think they sold a thousand xbox ones. Shows how much attention I pay to thee things. MS should just aim small in japan. Unlock the region lock and make it easier for te few xbox gamers over there to get hold of these games. Its not many but I guess, its a good look, to support even the handful of xbox owners there. Maybe even work with the fans (Yeah, yeah, I know its not many..that horse has been beaten to death now)to get a local translation done for the game, I dunno.

But at the same time I dont blame MS for feeling like maybe its not worth it. But how costly can translation be? Its not like MS could not afford to do it...

Articuno761144d ago

I guess Xbox fans in Japan are a bit like the hardcore Yakuza fans in the West: Campaigning for games that are niche in their country, against all odds.

FlexLuger1144d ago

Reminds me of the days when I was a die hard sega fan in the 32-bit era. I had to import all the good saturn games. some games I skipped, due to the text being important to the game to understand whats going on.

Trust me when I say I do sympathise with them. But for MS...what are they supposed to do that can guarantee descent sales in the region. I dont think its as simple as securing a bunch of big name japanese exclusives. But I would be interested to hear from Japanese gamers what would sell an xbox to them.

Kiwi661142d ago

So as an xbox gamer wouldn't you want ms to have a presence in japan even its small rather than abandon them completely

FlexLuger1142d ago

"So as an xbox gamer wouldn't you want ms to have a presence in japan even its small rather than abandon them completely"

As an xbox gamer I just want good games on xbox. It already has those and is getting more. Would I like more japanese games? yes do I see that happening? No, and its even less likely now. But I play more western games anyway. That has been the case for me since the early 00's. I still like games like MGS and they still make the best fighting games. But western adventure and RPG games make japanese games seem a little stuck in the past, with some of their game design choices seemingly stuck in the late 90s.

Death1142d ago

I'm pretty sure there are some Americans stationed or living in Japan.

kingofhalo20501142d ago

And I am sure they won't have any problem understanding english.

0to1001142d ago

it's just they understand why gears of war is such a great game, once you play it, it's fun & addictive

FlexLuger1142d ago

I love gears too, but I always thought japanese gamers saw western shooters as some sort of macho meat head games.I often hear it on one of the reason the xbox doesnt sell out there. Big guns and dudes with big muscles, shooting those guns. The western xbox games dont appeal to them. Its been said around here a million times at least. But I do think there is a ring of truth to it.

I love my shooters though. FPS is my fave type of game.

TeamLeaptrade1142d ago

There has to be some fans of the Xbox in Japan, even if it's not selling well at all over there there is bound to be some fans over there. Some of them may even be Americans living over there too.

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PhoenixUp1142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

Even with this petition, Xbox will never have the Japanese support that its rivals do.

With less than 100k X1's sold in Japan, its not hard to see why Microsoft isn't so enthusiastic about that region, or even why GoW: UE isn't releasing in Japan.

Bismarn1142d ago

They don't get Gears until we get PSO 2! Oh and also that visual novel where the boy can't believe how cute his sister is....

Articuno761142d ago

"Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake Ga Nai"??

TBH I only saw the anime and felt the last half was a mess owing to the fact that it was trying to cover mutliple plot routes without thinking about how to reconcile them into one cohesive story. At the time I didn't know it was based on a game, but the plot structure sort of gave it away.

Funny how Stein's Gate can manage multiple routes so well (even if it does rush a bit) where Oregaimo falls over itself.

GameBoyColor1142d ago

Thats a fun game. Lmao it actually has closure unlike the anime.

richmoral1142d ago

"Japanese version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition wouldn't be coming to Japan" that doesn't make sense. How can it be Japanese version if it's not in Japan?

Articuno761142d ago (Edited 1142d ago )

It could have been phrased better. But to answer the question. "The Japanese [language] version of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition [or indeed, any language version] wouldn't be coming to Japan".

It is, after all, not unheard of for Japanese language versions (or versions containing Japanese) of games to release outside of Japan itself, in select parts of Asia. These would be Japanese [language] versions of a game, without being Japan releases... if that makes sense.

"Japanese" here can refer to both language and region, whereas "Japan" is only a region.

Of course the issue fans are taking issue with here isn't just that a Japanese language dubbed version isn't coming out, but that the entire game isn't coming out in Japan in any capacity. So yeah... I can see why it was a poor choice of wording.

richmoral1135d ago

Oh ok. That makes more sense. Can't say I'm surprised that it's not. Do Japanese gamers even like Gears of War? I can't really blame Microsoft for not really supporting Japan as much. With the Xbox 360 last Gen that really tried and it still didn't sell well. With that said I wish Microsoft had more JRPGs like they did with the 360. I want another Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Also wish Mistwalker's Cry On wasn't cancelled.

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