Halo 5: 6 reasons it could be the best Halo yet


James and Andy have seen Halo 5: Guardian in action. Here they discuss 6 reasons why it could weel be the best Halo game ever made.

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FlexLuger954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

The BIG one for me was the improvement in mobility. Left trigger for aiming felt more natural. and most importantly ..true to halo...ZERO reduction to movement speed while aiming. And that everything! :)

Warzone is another thing...I hope these Xboxs have REALLY good cooling because I will be on this game for days on end for the first few weeks.

The visuals are nice but not spectacular.clearly better than previous halo games, but not as polished as some of the other xbox games I have seen. I expect the following halos to look much better.

But you know what..its halo..gameplay is king. and no shooter on any console matches it for pure skill based gameplay. Its still going to be a game where the gulf between good/great halo players and casuals is huge. I could tell that from the beta, I played on my boys xbox, months before I got mine. That beta along with last E3 set the wheels in motion for me to buy my XB1. We are two months away from this game, and im soooo ready for it! Luckily I got a truckload of games to keep me occupied.

As for the campaign...I think its going to be the best halo yet.

Elit3Nick954d ago

Trigger aim doesn't work for Halo because of descope, to me Recon and Bumper Jumper will always be the dominant presets for the controller

FlexLuger954d ago

Maybe im just a better shot than you ;)

lastking95954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

Descope is actually why trigger aim is better for halo. All you have to do is hold it down, while stick aim you have to repress it and affect your aim. Even if trigger aim must be repressed it won't affect aiming cause it not on the aiming stick. You using bj should know this more than anyone. Especially using the sniper rifle trigger aim makes a difference.

coreyweb954d ago

mmmm....that Bump and Jump.

XBLSkull954d ago

Halo: CE will always be the best Halo, simple fact. That being said I think Halo 5 looks fantastic and I can't wait to play.

FlexLuger954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

I love how everybody has a specific way of playing halo and prefered control method that impacts their playstyle. I dont think any of us have it wrong here to be honest. Just a case of "is my play style better than yours, on map A vs map B?" those fine nuances in halo that dont become apparent until weeks of playing. Took me ages to really appreciate why people worked so hard at their BR game. But when it clicked, boy did I start to get it. Now I prefer the DMR though. When I was playing in the beta I just liked the feel of it in combination with the left trigger aim. I just fely like I could focus on my targets as well as what was being fired at me better. less thumb buckling with my aim. I have a natural tendancy to over aim when I have to click-stick to aim. Trigger works better for me. especially with the new moves in the game. I felt fast and lean. And I couldnt stop playing.

Hey guys, did I mention I will have my elite controller by the time this game comes out? pre-ordered that bad boy from The MS store. Its going to be nice, playing halo at 60FPs with my perfect controller sensitivity, stick and triggers..and paddles, baby! :) . Im gonna take a pic of them all lined up and upload once I got all my limited edition controllers. Controller porn for my fellow xbox gamers! some of you guys know how much I love my collectable controllers. Might even do a mini review in the N4G blogs section. If I can pull myself away from warzone on halo 5.

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Magicite953d ago

I really doubt that Halo5 can surpass Bungies Halos, but it could top Halo4 though.
My prediction is - metascore of 80-85.

FlexLuger953d ago

I beg to differ. and Im saying that as somebody that plays halo. You dont, so Im not sure what you are basing that on. I have listed why in my post above, based on years of experience with halo. bungie lost their touch with reach. And halo 4 was a better game than reach, from the top down. It just dient refine the formua in the right ways..but based on the beta, I think they have nailed it. And the new story arc is really shaping up to be something. and its even more evident that bungie lost their touch with destiny..particularly the crucible...its as if MS took all the MP guys.

Erik7357953d ago (Edited 953d ago )

I played this was pretty damn good and for the first time I had more or just as much fun with it as halo 3'MP...

Frankly I think 343 does a much better jobs with characters/story than bungie ever did....even with halo 4...cortana/master chief had way more to them than any other halo.

The MP sucked for halo 4 though

proudxgamer954d ago (Edited 954d ago )

H5 = 10mil sold

theFAYEsorceress954d ago

as good as it may be, it's not going to sell almost a 1:1 ratio with the console. no game ever does.

ScorpiusX954d ago

Wow logic. Bubble for you

DougLord954d ago

No that is POOR logic as by the end of the year Xone will be close to 20mm sold.

Magicite953d ago

If they keep bundling and promoting and even giving away it for years, then yes, its possible.

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coreyweb954d ago

I'm an old school MLG Halo player (not pro or anything...but that was what Halo WAS for me). And I'm really stoked about Halo 5. It just looks good. And the way 343 is positioning themselves is exciting as well. Supporting the eSports side of Halo is AWESOME!

TeamLeaptrade954d ago

Nice, I'm more excited for Halo 5 now.