Halo 5 is apparently twice the size of Halo 4 's campaign


Andy's been playing playing Halo 5 at Gamescom and has some interesting takes on the new style of gameplay - faster action and more tradition guns, for example. One thing that stood out though was mention that Halo 5's campaign is twice as long as Halo 4, a game that wasn't exactly an afternoon's diversion.

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dead_pixels1024d ago

Even still, with Halo 4's campaign clocking in at a paltry 6 hours it's hard to be impressed by this revelation.

Articuno761024d ago

Was that all it really was? It somehow felt more epic and fully featured than the playtime would suggest. Maybe it was the way the pacing was handled?

I personally loved MCC for all the single-player stuff so hearing this news is nice. For whatever reason online competitive multiplayer never caught on with me (for any game in any genre) but Halo commands my interest with single-player online.

dead_pixels1024d ago

Yep. It was a fun game but the campaign was ludicrously short compared to previous entries in the series.

4Sh0w1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

Yeah it was on the short side at about 6 and half hrs for me, great campaign though. I generally think 8-10hrs is great for a shooter. If this game is 12-13hrs that is massive for a shooter, could be one of the deepest Halo stories out of all of them.

Team_Litt1024d ago

Well that was not MY experience but I'm in no way discounting your experience with Halo 4


Sorry I couldn't maintain that farce! Lol like you even played Halo 4!! 6 hours?! Did you play on easy? From halfway through the campaign?! You aren't fooling anyone

dead_pixels1024d ago

It was the most widely shared gripe about the game after it released. It's not exactly esoteric knowledge. I played on heroic and breezed through the game in that time, as did these folks.

I'm sure countless N4Gers had similar experiences.

SolidGear31024d ago

Isn't it more like 12 hours? It's the only one I hadn't played and all the others were around 10-12 hours.

TotalSynthesisX1024d ago

It took me 8 hours playing on normal and enjoying the sights. I'm not defending the guy you replied to (he seems like a troll anyway), but Halo 4 taking 6 hours to complete on a casual playthrough isn't exactly crazy.

But even still, if Halo 5's campaign is twice the length of Halo 4's, that's *at least* 12 hours. I'd say that's a pretty solid length if you ask me.

Charybdis1024d ago

The campaign beeing twice as long is good news for halo fans I would say especially for those who like to play the campaign.

SuperStatePro1024d ago

Sorry, but Halo 4 was NOT 6 hours...

maybelovehate1024d ago

It is pretty short. When I replayed it recently, I beat it in two days and I don't think I played more than 4 hours per day.

maybelovehate1024d ago

It was a glorious 6 hours though. Just replayed it along with Halo 2 a few months back and I forgot how awesome that story was. To me, Halo 4 was the best campaign of all the Halo games.

Halo 2's story wasn't very focused, but that campaign was fun too. Hopefully Blur will be doing all the cutscenes in the future.

dead_pixels1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

I can't argue with that. It was fun for the brief time it took to play through,.

LAWSON721024d ago

Unless you run and play on easy/normal with 4 people that is not happening. 8hrs is probably the average length. Either way double is a big deal for campaign that could mean plenty more missions with lots of variety. A 12-15 hr campaign is damn good for a game with so many features. Halo as always offers killer value

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christocolus1024d ago

Nice. Can't wait. I've always loved Halos campaigns and it seems 343i is putting everything into this.might be the best yet.

KionicWarlord2221024d ago


But after seeing the blue team b roll im even more hyped.

polow got sol1024d ago

My most anticipated game this year really glad to hear this news.

GusBricker1024d ago

Awesome news. I play Halo mainly for the campaign.

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