7 Things We Learned About Final Fantasy XV at Gamescom 2015

Final Fantasy XV game director Hajime Tabata hosted an Active Time Report at this year's Gamescom. Here's everything we've learned about the game.

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Chaosdreams1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

What they deem new.

1. King Regis
2. Story has evolved from tragedy, to tragedy with a strong focus on camaraderie and parent-child relationships.
3. Luna won't be weak.
4. Airship isn't in the game yet but they are thinking about it.
5. The main villain will be awesome
6. TGS the game will most likely get a reveal date (they say stay tuned, the date has been internally decided.)

rextraordinaire1143d ago

The shadowy giant feels like Alexander to me...

Becuzisaid1143d ago

But there are 3 shadowy giants