Top 5 Best Gamescom 2015 Announcements / News

Counting down the Gamescom 2015 announcements and news most interested the industry is a hard task. There have been so many great announcements that left jaws hitting the floor. Gamescom 2015 marks a really great year for the show. Never before has such an impressive and diverse line-up been seen at the con.

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DirtyPete1146d ago

Personally I am going to have to hand it to Xbox, what a great show (not that anything is wrong with Sony its just time to let Xbox take the spotlight it deserves until Sony decides to blow u all away with something of its own)

My fav game at the show is Rainbow 6 Siege but I already saw so much positive around the game before the show. So for the more newish announcements it is hands down Mafia 3 :)

trywizardo1146d ago

for me the big things was scalebound gameplay , crackdown 3 100% destroyable map and battlefront dog fight mode