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Mike Stubbs: "The fancy new controller that is going to set us all back £85 features six buttons laid out in two rows of three. For me the three white buttons were on top while the three black buttons were below. Each of the buttons is a square shape and probably slightly smaller than those on the previous controllers, having more of a Rock Band style design. The smaller buttons didn’t prove to be much of an issue; they were easy to press but difficult to mess up."

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DirtyPete1109d ago

I might pick this game up just so I can play when my friends come over :)

Peace_Love_and_FPS1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Save yourself over 100 dollars and buy a few instruments for last generation and all the guitar hero/rock band games for ~5 bucks each and do NOT support this lazy form of development.

They film a fake band on stage, then separately video ~10 actors to be people in the crowd and copy/paste them all over the ground in front of the stage.

Seriously, the only thing rendered is the fretboard the notes are on, F*** that.

Save money, and gaming, don't let Activision rip everyone off, or if you want a real game and not a video of a bunch of cheap actors pretending to be rockstars and fans who look like they're going with their mother in-law they're so excited, buy the new RockBand Game

I reiterate buy the new RockBand Game or the old ones but NOT this POS garbage game