Uncharted to Get 48 Trophies and More

IGN writes: "Ever since the release of the 2.40 PlayStation 3 firmware, PS3 gamers everywhere have been clamoring for titles beyond Super Stardust HD to earn Trophies in. While a slew of new titles coming later this year will offer support for the system, some studios are going back and patching existing games to give players another reason to play through their games again. One of these updated titles will be Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Naughty Dog's excellent island adventure game released late last year".

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TheHater3703d ago

I will be getting all of those

meepmoopmeep3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

can't wait! now i can finally beat Crushing!

skynidas3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Sorry to spoil your happiness according the guy that was interviewed you have to start a completely new save file

meepmoopmeep3703d ago

heheh, that's fine by me. i love this game. played it 10 times already (literally) don't mind playing it another 10x

thePatriot3703d ago

is there a limit to how many trophies they can put in the game? whats stoping some developer to put 100 gold trophies so all the trophy whores go and buy the game.

skynidas3703d ago

Im sure that they cant do that

meepmoopmeep3703d ago

yeah, there's a supposed limit and restrictions on how to implement the trophy system. it's really odd that it would be 48 instead of a solid 50.

skynidas3703d ago

Well...Warhawk is going to have 44, and if you have all of the booster packs (Omega Dawn and Broken Mirror) is going to be 52

meepmoopmeep3703d ago

yeah, i think it has to do with the amount of Bronze, Silver, Gold you can give out and so it's up to the devs on how you attain each one. so the total amount is really irrelevant.

Dark General3702d ago

I was almost done with Uncharted on crushing and i almost found everything. I won't mind playing it another 2 times to get a platinum trophy for Uncharted (my favorite game of this gen) but i really wish the trophies were retroactive. But oh well no use complaining there's people in hell that want ice water.

Nice question at the end of the article by the way. If that's what Uncharted 2 is about i'd preorder the game right now.

masterg3702d ago

I dont think there is a set number of trophies a game can have.
But they all have to add up to the same score.

Meaning completing a game will always result in the same number of points. Of course a PSN game will not have the same number of points.

SL1M DADDY3702d ago

Trophies are pretty cool but I didn't need them to play this game through again. I love this game and will enjoy playing through it again for the 7th time.

mfwahwah3702d ago

it's not how many trophies there are, rather how much experience the trophies are worth total. We don't know how much XP each trophy is worth though.

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eagle213703d ago

"IGN: Do you wish to take this time and formally announce Uncharted 2: The Search for Atlantis? =)

Arne Meyer: Hey, look at the time, gotta run!"

*Faints* :P

Breakfast3703d ago

48 trophies?

So how many achievement points is that?


ThatCanadianGuy3703d ago

Achivements? pff thats so last gen..

48 Trophies? would probally level you up from lvl 1 to lvl 5-6

You know...the RPG leveling system that pwns pointless numbers on a virtual card..


Wakka_3703d ago

Be sure to teach me dark attack, ya?

4D3703d ago

99% of all PS3 games don't even have trophies. But you go ahead and say trophies are better than achievements. Just like Home is the best thing since sliced bread. I swear PS3tards are all dumber than a box of rocks.

Can any of you form an opinion outside of what Sony has told you???

TheColbertinator3703d ago

Yeah 4D I'd rather get trophies on the Uncharted,the most kick ass game ever,rather than getting a 1000 points on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Uncharted is a great game and trophies will be a fine addition.

PoSTedUP3703d ago

but trophies and achievement points arent all that. they dont even do anything. you dont get anyhyiing out of them. unless sony makes it so i can cash them in for PSN games or any content then i couldnt care less about them. (my opinion)

ThatCanadianGuy3703d ago

@4D doesnt matter how many games have it or not,all 1st party exclusives coming up will have them.And that doesnt change the fact that yes,an RPG levling system is in fact better then pointless numbers.

@posted up,your your trophys will act as a sort of currency in HOME
to buy furniture,clothes,movie tickets,etc.

So it's not pointless at all.Also you'll be able to view them in 3D.

PoSTedUP3703d ago

yea man i herd about that and i was really excited but i dont know if it was confirmed or if it was rumor. i hope its confirmed cause that would obviously make a big difference ya know. i would become a TROPHY WHORE! lol lol

morganfell3702d ago

I hate to disagree with you posted up but I have to. Why? You are wrong.

Achievements aren't all that because they are nothing more than bragging rights. Ego points. But Trophies matter because they are more than ego points as they translate directly into PSN buying power.

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Silogon3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

So are they the ones we already got in game? Cause I've beat this game 100% complete like 13 times now and have everything. If these trophies are just the same requirements then I'll pass.

I don't think Naughtydog gave us anymore objectives here to complete other than the achievements within the game.

And why the hell does everyone want part 2 to be in Atlantis? That's so damn tired.

I hope we go to the polar opposite of the jungle this time. Snowy mountains and stuff.

TheColbertinator3703d ago

@Silogon I totally agree with the snowy climate.With the Uncharted engine,it will look much better than Lost Planet.

Homicide3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Great. I've been wanting to play this game again, and this is the perfect reason to play it again. I'm going for all of them.

Sayai jin3703d ago

Good news! It will give me a reason to play this game again!

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