Microsoft’s Great Run Of Conferences Show They Are Serious On Fixing Past Problems With Xbox One

Back in 2013 when the Xbox One was announced there was a mixed reaction from fans worldwide. We started off by seeing that Microsoft were going for more of a casual living room console that really would fit in well and centre your home entertainment centre, it was marketed as the Xbox all-in-one. A lot of gamers were upset that Microsoft were seemingly trying to push them away from their console in favour of a more entertainment system. There was also controversy surrounding the always online state of the console and a lot of people were unhappy when pairing this with the Kinect, worrying that they would be watched by the system and “monitored” in a way.

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Shillmeister1109d ago

Can't wait to see a Microsoft console designed and built with Phil Spencer at the helm (should there be an 9th-gen), the xbox One would've been so different with him heading it from the start, but he's doing well to turn it around for the company!

BlackPanther1109d ago

I feel like MS next console will be a beast. Phil Spencer with the maker of the Surface.

Septic1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I think we're giving Phil way too much credit. Yeah he is a gamer and understands gamers but things like building a console are a team effort. I do agree with you though, the nextbox will be amazing with him on the helm

I do agree that, having him as the head of Xbox means that he'll no doubt convince the overlords at MS HQ that a pure gamer centric console is the way forward. As premature as this may sound, the next gen of consoles will be very interesting in terms of the hardware race.

ShowanW1109d ago

@Setptic, the next Xbox has to be about games first, that I agree with. But it has to have that "Geek Cred" side to it as well.

Once Microsoft had shut up about the "Entertainment" side of the Xbox One, the Entertainment side of it saw increased numbers.

The Next Xbox has to Xbox One, PS4, Windows 10, having getting a steroid boost, and having a baby together.

I give Phil a ton of credit. He had to swallow his pride, shave the fat and confusion of their messaging and give it to the people straight. That's usually tough for high powered execs.

slate911109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

I totally understand where you're coming from. But the MS Heads have no input on what direction the console moves towards. Let me explain.

It is a corporate structure, all the MS heads want are results.

What use is it to have a "Head of Xbox" that eats up a large salary if you're going to tell them what direction to choose anyways?
They don't want their hands dirty, just go out and get them money lol.

That's to anyone who think Don Mattrick is a "scapegoat." No, Don Mattrick got them results with kinect focus. 10 million of those things sold right? Don wanted to continue those results, so he had his team put focus towards other forms of entertainment, instead of games being at the forefront. He thought he would hit the lottery again by reaching more of the casual audience with the Xbox One.
But the internet keeps these companies humble, which is why they needed new leadership and direction :).

The powers that be aren't doing it for "gamers," what moved them to make the change in leadership was the backlash and sales defeat. So this is all Phil's vision. He is just getting support from MS because the other attempt failed.

Kingthrash3601109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )


Agreed ...i believe next gen consoles will be one of power and games. With the exception of Nintendo. ..until I see something from their nx console I won't believe they will go the power route.
Phil has done good things but I also believe we are giving too much credit to him and not enough to ourselves for not buying the xboxone and pressuring a billion dollar company to give us what we want. Because believe me if we excepted the xbox at launch Phil wouldn't have changed anything. Yes he is a gamer..but he is a business man first. We as loud mouth gamers deserve more credit than anyone.

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JasonKCK1109d ago

I don't think there will be new consoles after Nintendo, well not in the way we know them now.

Just my prediction

UKmilitia1109d ago

do people not think he had no input into the current system?
im sure he did and agreed with things at some points,to what we will never know but i think he just came in at a time they needed to change direction os he is being turned into a god.

they could of brought mickey mouse in with the same ideas and he would of been a god too.

he isnt the one saying this is how its to be,he has people in the meetings with him that vote for ideas.

-Alpha1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

They are doing a great job. It's good to see diversity in their exclusives like Scalebound, and it's awesome to see them secure indie games like Cuphead.

The Cloud stuff demoed in Crackdown is phenomenal and promising, and indicative of next-gen design where we are seeing developers think outside the box to do something different and practical. It's awesome to see them use Azure to do something with gameplay that you would not ordinarily see otherwise, and I'm happy MS is using their technology to push gaming like that.

Props to them

1109d ago
iTechHeads1109d ago

The consoles biggest problems are unfixable such as its design and specs.
At this point its just a PR campaign to try and get people to think Xbox is cool again.

christocolus1109d ago

“At this point its just a PR campaign to try and get people to think Xbox is cool again.”

“Cool again” Wut? Lmao. :D.

Did you read the article or are you just jumping in here to downplay once again?and what's PR about the article? You guys are hilarious. “Cool again”? Lmao.

TheGreatGamer1109d ago

Always find him downplaying anything positive for XB1 but he just doesn't make any valid points, just trolling.

KionicWarlord2221109d ago

Lol about biggest problems being specs and yet the xbox one has 100 percent destruction of a city coming to it. Lets see how far these spec problems go when you got a game pushing 13 times the power of the xbox one.

Rookie_Monster1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Dang, that looks awesome!!! I have never seen anything like it before on any game on any console.

Edit: or on any PC for that matter. :D

LexHazard791109d ago

the only PR ive seen is frOm you saltyass fannies. Keep it up. Makes me feel good you guys are downplaying all MS great moves. it!!!

Gunstar751109d ago


We keep hearing about how underpowered it is, yes I'm just not seeing the Ps4 outperform it to the level that some people think.

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FreddyFazbear1109d ago

My my the journalist are on full beast mode. I see so many articles and promotion after the xbox gamescom conference. MS marketing team doing their job I see.

Pogmathoin1109d ago

My my the sony fanboys are on full beast mode... I see so many comments after the Xbox gamescom conference just about trying to put down anything MS does, which is show games games and more games.... games that you will see soon, not in the distant future....

FreddyFazbear1109d ago

LOL whatever you say bro. As if Xboxer never did the same thing. Xbox fans are the most hypocrites of hypocrites and goal post movers.

Pogmathoin1109d ago

Yes.... X1 launch E3 .. wheres the games.... X1 suck..
Last 2 E3's nothing but games, X1 suck...
Before, MS exclusive deals with COD and others... ruining the industry...
Now, Sony having same deals, gamers rejoice... Sony saved the day...
I'll have what your having.....

Gwiz1109d ago

You think only "common" people browse these game sites?
Not to mention people getting paid to spread propaganda.

My posting is very varied and i'm seeing a pattern.

Gunstar751109d ago

<rolls eyes>

MS are showing some great games and had a great conference. I'm sorry that you feel by that games journos shid ignore this, but not everyone has a fanboy mentality

FreddyFazbear1109d ago

It's funny how you fanboys say "Great games" When they are not yet released. I am honestly a playstation gamer but never did I say the released footage of Horizon and uncharted 4 would mean great game. I judge on the "Final Product". and you guys praise everything MS throws without question. You cannot judge a game without it getting released first. First impressions are Okay and demos. But saying all of them are great games?? Then that is the same with saying "Everything MS makes are gold"

Gunstar751109d ago

How am I am fanboy?

I think MS have shown some great games. That constitutes being a fanboy now?


SunnyZ1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

It was bleedingly obvious MS were not ready to release the xbone.

They had to react to Sony's release which I guess they vastly miss-predicted.

I think they meant to release xbox with windows 10 and dx12 from day one, but could not afford the year or so delay for that to happen.

I applaud them for their back stepping on certain controversial issues, and their eventual upgrade which hopefully will step up their game(s) even more.

Good going!

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