Mad Max - Official PC Requirements Revealed - DX11-Only, 6GB RAM Listed As Minimum

The official PC requirements for Avalanche’s Mad Max have been revealed.

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LightofDarkness1109d ago

Again, not so demanding on the GPU front but CPU/RAM need to be competent. Looks to be the trend, the GPUs in consoles are close to weaker PC GPUs and use similar libraries so the GPU requirements are expected, but PCs have to do the work of 8 cores on 4 in most cases, so fast performance per core is required and decent optimization. Finally all that extra memory is getting a workout too.

SniperControl1109d ago

Or is that extra memory getting a workout due to the game being poorly optimised?

Certainly would not be the first game to list a high memory requirement, then get patched later down the line to use only 4gb.

No_Pantaloons1109d ago

This is getting out of hand. These games dont have the graphic to require such lofty gpu cards, I'm starting to think developers are just getting too lazy and dont wanna optimize.

Ace Killa 081109d ago

The same company that made Mortal Kombat for the PC is doing this game. Make me think I'll be seeing 30 FPS cut scenes and only 60 FPS during gameplay.

jmc88881109d ago

All we've actually seen of the game is the PS4 version.

So yeah we don't know what to expect of the PC version.